Teachers & Principals, Tutors, Homeschoolers, Students and Parents talk about the benefits of JUMP Math.

Teachers & Principals

"We are using JUMP Math in a group of First Nations schools up here in Northern Alberta!!! Last year we were one of the first in our group of schools (5 in total) to start, and I loved it- so did the kids. I am so pumped that we are using it again, and that all of the band schools in our area have adopted the program!"
Julia Cestra de Vries, Teacher, Cadotte Lake, AB

"I first read about JUMP Math in the publication 'Pour parler profession' (Ordre des enseignantes et enseignants de l'Ontario) in the early 2000's.  I looked into it and tried out the fraction unit for Grade 4 in my first classroom.  I still remember one of my students saying to me  'Fractions are easy'.

I have now been teaching Grade 1 for five years and have been using JUMP Math in my classroom for 3 years with increasing consistency.  I ordered the Smart Board program two years ago.  Since I teach in French immersion (Grade 1), I have translated much of it into French.  I was allowed to order the Grade 1 French workbook last year and 3 of my 4 Grade 1 colleagues this year have begun to use it consistently to allow student practice and to follow the overall yearly plan on which it is based.  When I gave students the JUMP Math workbook for the first time last year, I was impressed by the parents' reactions. The children asked to work in their workbooks at school.   Even those who were hesitant to do our required reading homework were asking to do JUMP Math.  They even wanted to do it instead of reading (which, of course, they usually could not).  I sent a note home telling parents that, thanks to our prinicipal, every child had a personal copy of JUMP Math.  One parent of a young boy who was seriously challenged by the Grade 1 curriculum  send a note back saying 'Thank you (our principal) for JUMP Math'.  When we visited the Grade 2 classrooms at the end of the year the students asked the Grade 2 teachers if they used JUMP Math. 

JUMP Math seems to me to be the best way that a person with passion for math but a non-math post-secondary education (me) can really gain insight into how mathematicians think."
- Lois Vincent, Teacher, Sudbury, ON


"I am appreciative of JUMP Math, a huge supporter, and have purchased most of the program for our school in the Yukon.  I teach the grade 5 program and it is exemplary so thank Mr. Mighton for his contribution to enabling children to access math!  His program is written for them."
- Maggie, Teacher, Yukon


"Teaching a split grade has never been easier. Students in different grades can work together as the lesson can be taught as one and the activity is similar enough."
- Shannon Pakulak, Teacher, Nanaimo, BC


"I have deep appreciation and gratitude for John Mighton and your company!  Your tools for helping students learn math in a clear, logical, stressless way is revolutionary and wonderful!"
- Teacher, CA


"Students understand critical concepts that will continue to build and strengthen their math knowledge and confidence."
- Gail Colk, Teacher, Duncan, BC


"This is the best math program I have come across. I teach alternative education where students are disengaged and come to me prepared to hate math. They all love this program and ask if they can do math on a daily basis because they are successful. It makes math make sense!!! Your students will become very independent! Great explanations and variety of concepts."
- Kristen Corcoran, Teacher, ON


"I'm very impressed by how thoroughly topics are covered, as well as the variety of ways in which the material is presented (more opportunities to "reach" the student and ensure that concepts will stick!)"
- Teacher, CA


"JUMP Math makes it easy to teach ELL and combined grade classes.  It breaks new concepts into small steps to ensure confident mastery.  The practice books give detailed explanations, making it possible for parents, even those with limited English, to help their children at home.  This is especially helpful for children who have been absent."
- Elaine Jaltema, Teacher, Burnaby, BC


"This is an effective, fun way to teach mathematics.  It is engaging for all children.  I highly recommend it."
- Linda Bierbriar, Teacher, Vancouver, BC


"The way in which lessons are scaffolded allow the students to review past learning (or fill gaps in missing learning).  This allows for students to build their confidence, even with difficult math concepts, and builds a much more positive attitude towards math concepts."
- Mike Ross, Teacher, Brampton, ON


"It reduces the level of frustration experienced with other programs and helps you become a better math teacher in the process.  Math is enjoyable to teach again."
- Tracey Donnelly, Teacher, Sioux Lookout, ON


"JUMP Math has provided an opportunity for my students to discover their Math abilities. They persevere through problems rather than avoid them. They are choosing to tackle more challenging work and they are working together to solve Math problems at the SMART Board and have the confidence to work through the Math and present their work to others."
- Christine Wojick, Teacher, Toronto, ON


"JUMP Math is empowering for teachers and students.  For all students who struggle mastering math basic concepts, Jump Math takes the time to explain the why and how.  It also allows for plenty of practice time and time for checking for comprehension.  The tools support the teaching of the program and are especially appreciated ( smart board lessons, teacher lesson plan book, student work book, example tests, etc...)"
- Mandy Sullivan, Teacher, Richmond, QC


"JUMP Math is a great resource!  It is designed for easy use, but you must have the teacher's guide.  It is an awesome resource and extremely easy to follow!!"
- Tanis Stewart, Teacher, St. Williams Lake, BC


"The best teacher resource out there for students who require extra support to comprehend math."
- John Lopes, Brampton, ON


"Previously, I was not that confident about teaching math, but I found that JUMP Math is structured in such a way that the kids gain a lot of confidence, and it teaches so many great strategies and alternatives that I can better explain things to the kids... It has allowed me to more fully appreciate and convince the kids of the magical element of math."
- Christopher Hunt, Teacher, Chilliwack, BC


"This is an amazing program! The best phrases I keep hearing are, 'Oh, I get it now!' , and 'That's it? That was easy!'"
- Connie Harworth, Teacher,


"Extremely teacher friendly, and many support materials. If you've teaching mixed age-groupings, they coincide very nicely. A great addition to our Math program!"
- Jessica Monkcom, Teacher, King, ON


"JUMP Math is the math program that I feel I have been looking for since I started teaching 20 years ago.  In our school board we have had some people criticize JUMP Math as been a "workbook" program.  After using JUMP Math and it's teaching resources and smartboard resources, I can say that the criticism is totally unfounded.  Instead of spending hours pulling together resources to teach math in the past, JUMP Math has all the resources ready for me to use.  I can spend the time reading through the lessons and developing a better understanding of math myself (I have learned things I did not know, even [in the] grade 1 JUMP Math program).  I feel like my lessons are comprehensive, they build on themselves, and they have definitely helped me to become a more confident math teacher."
- Teacher, ON


"It's the best math resource, I've ever used."
- Nadia Burki, Teacher, Toronto, ON


"I have told other teachers many great things about JUMP Math.  They are teachers that were not thrilled to teach math and some who have loved teaching it.  Every person I have told has tried it and loved it.  Bringing JUMP Math into schools through teachers is fabulous!"
- Anita Moelker, Teacher, Chatham-Kent, ON


"When children experience JUMP Math, they understand math in a whole new way; they learn the logic and beauty of math - not just memorizing facts."
- Rachel Silverstein, Teacher, Toronto, ON


"JUMP Math is a great tool to teach math and know that all concepts are being covered in a year. It builds great confidence in all students of all levels."
- Carolyn Staats, Teacher, Brantford, ON


"JUMP Math promotes understanding among all math learners, not just students who comprehend math on their own. JUMP Math increases student confidence through teaching all the steps students need to succeed as math learners. JUMP Math is great for all learning styles and gives each child the confidence that they need to achieve the skills needed."
- Martha Muntz, Teacher, Orangeville, ON


"At our school,  grade 5 students come into my class and said, "Not Math!". However, after using JUMP Math for the last 2 years with them (in grade 5 then in grade 6) it has made a really big difference in the students' attitude. JUMP Math is a great way of teaching math, we as teachers just need to give ourselves time to learn this new way. That being said, JUMP Math's way of teaching is changing my whole way of teaching all my subjects so that I teach in a layered manner. The students actually grasp concepts better this way."
- Christine Bernat, Teacher, Richmond, QC


"JUMP Math's philosophy is ideal for students who are frustrated with math and believe that they 'can't do math'."
- Phil Coish, Teacher, Winnipeg, MB


"JUMP math makes students love math and takes the anxiety out of math for students."
- Julie Ashley, Teacher, Maple Ridge, BC


"The overall achievement levels of all the students who participated in the JUMP program skyrocketed. My lower achieving students were able to do the Unit Tests and score better than they ever had in previous years.  The teacher's guide provides you with an amazing collection of great ideas, It also allows you to make use of your manipulatives and really does a good job of getting to the basics of problem solving."
- Denise Schwartze, Teacher, Clarington, ON


"Thank you so much John Mighton for JUMP math. I have been using your program since 2005. I am currently teaching grade four. I had the students finish the Fractions unit and they aced the test in September. I am very proud to teach JUMP Math and see such success in my classroom. Thank you very much."
- Maxine Joe, Teacher, Skatin Community, BC


"I use the JUMP Math SMART lessons and they are so amazing! This is the only way I teach Math now!"
- Julia Cestra de Vries, Teacher, AB


"Thank you so much for helping the students of Ahousaht First Nation through the JUMP Math National Book Fund Award. In many cases we find our school to be lacking in terms of resources and supports, so it is fabulous to be supported through JUMP to help raise the students confidence in their academics, everything included. I found the online training to be very helpful as it pieced together the big picture for the JUMP program, as well as our societies outlook on math. I am so excited to empower more students with a positive association to math and learning in general; believing in themselves and their abilities.
Kleco, kleco!"

– Rebecca Miller, Teacher, Ahousaht, BC


"As a parent of an elementary school student and a teacher of mathematics at the secondary level, I just want to tell you how much I love JUMP math! I was first introduced to JUMP math by my neighbour, Dr. Tracy Solomon.  

Since then, I have used the fractions package with my Grade 11 Math for Everyday Life Students (MEL3E) during the first week of the course and it is such a great investment of time. Much of the course is about different applications of fractions, decimals and percents. I have found that if I dive into the coursework right away, I end up having to re-explain these concepts repeatedly throughout the semester. However, when we complete the fractions package first, that problem is mostly eliminated.

In addition, my daughter is currently working on part one the Grade 2 workbook and it is a ton of fun. I believe in the program so much that I actually give the JUMP math workbooks as birthday gifts. Parents repeatedly come to me to tell me how much their child is enjoying doing math and how grateful they are for the gift.

Keep up the fantastic work!"
– Susan, Teacher & Parent, TDSB


“My experiences with JUMP have been transformative, for my students and for myself. I struggled greatly as a student myself from a very early age … There were many times I was told that I was just not a math person, that I would never get it, that I just was not trying hard enough… The first half of my career, when it came to teaching math, I continued to feel totally inadequate, and as if I were faking it … I began supplementing with JUMP, and in no time saw how my students were responding – with enthusiasm and excitement over their success … As my students began to experience more and more success, their confidence and motivation greatly increased. As a class, our growth was inspiring – and I have found this to be the case each year since. Students who enter my class saying “I hate math” or “I can’t do math,” are, within a short time talking about how much they love math, and how good they are at it!”  I am now the math mentor at my school; I am halfway through my Masters of Math Education at UBC … JUMP Math has given me the motivation, skills, knowledge and confidence to pursue math at a higher level than I ever dreamed I could – or dreamed I would want to. I am having the time of my life, and my marks range from A- to A+.”
– Elisha Bonnis, Teacher, Vancouver


"Carleton Village students are making excellent progress… students who were doing very poorly in math now love the subject and eagerly await their next session. Their teachers often comment on the confidence the students have gained and the improvement they have shown in their daily work — all because of JUMP."   
- Principal, Toronto


“It helps students make sense of the world … JUMP is fantastic for kids because it builds confidence that really helps them – especially those in the lower half of the class. They develop a sense of commitment to the learning process … Teachers are often hard pressed to find a way to help individual kids, but when JUMP kids come back into the classroom with better skills, the level of the whole class is raised. Kids are then working at a higher standard and are better prepared for EQAO tests. They get better results because they have more confidence.”
- Teacher, Toronto

"As of the first term all my grade 6 students and all my grade 7 students have earned honours standing (A or 80%+) on their report card. I have never had this success before and I desperately wish I could transfer this to my grade 9s!"


- Teacher, Edmonton


"I’m really good at JUMP math,' says a grade 3 student who often has difficulty focusing and organizing his work. 'Oh, that’s easy. You don’t have to help me,' says another who regularly attends Learning Centre and often has difficulty retaining concepts. He beams, 'I got it right!' And his confidence soars…As a teacher, I have observed, learned and been a part of the JUMP Math program for more than one term …It turned out to be a gift to me and to my students. Their confidence is bursting. They know they are good at math! …Their ability to concentrate and focus has improved. It has taught them to organize their work and thought processes. They feel like they are mathematicians! They enjoy having the tutors come in to check their work and feel very special to be able to show their accomplishments to others. My experience with JUMP has made me look at my own teaching and has helped me remember the importance of teaching by breaking material into steps and building a solid foundation of knowledge. It has reminded me to consider the  way in which children think and view concepts, and teach with that in mind."
- Teacher, Toronto


"I wish to commend John Mighton's JUMP Program and his army of socially-conscious volunteers. …Research has informed us that the group of children who are classified as 'deprived' benefit from small group instruction. A teacher is not able to provide the necessary instruction and adult mentoring to give such students a 'hand-up. John Mighton's JUMP Program is the answer to a committed teacher's prayer. …The positive effects of all this academic activity in our school has seeped out into the community — a community which seems to feel somewhat neglected and marginalized. …Force is measured in Newtons. Positive social force might well end up being measured in Mightons."
- Teacher, Toronto


Working with JUMP Math has increased my abilities in math! JUMP Math is brilliant! It Works! Kids and adults working with it LOVE it!"
- Principal, Toronto


“JUMP math is pedagogically sound and ensures success in all students. I finally see the 'aha' when students do this program. They find it motivating, beg to do more math and are challenged without being frustrated. [It] is the antithesis of 'fuzzy math'.”
- Teacher, Vancouver


“I wanted to write to let you and John Mighton know that I am really thrilled by the JUMP math program. I have been using the introductory fractions unit with my class of fifth-graders for one week and the results are fantastic... I have several students that are very behind in math, and several others with very negative attitudes about math. I also have a wide distribution of ability ranging from those who are behind grade levels to those who are at least a year ahead. JUMP seemed to be the ideal way to teach to that wide range. And it has been, so far. After the first day, several of the students with negative attitudes said that JUMP was fun. All week long every child mastered the content, and I added some bonus for those needing additional challenge. By Friday all but two were insisting on working on levels B and C, and some of my lowest students were keeping up with those in the top levels! Unbelievable. Every child mastered the material through lesson 10 in the first week. I am sold on JUMP.”
– Teacher, Reston, Virginia


“Learning about and using JUMP Math have been the most powerful opportunities for professional growth for myself as well as many colleagues … behaviour problems and attendance issues became almost non existent … I saw a different impact JUMP Math had on my colleagues who do not have a strong math background. As they worked through the material, both as they prepared their lessons and delivered their lessons, they gained understanding and appreciation for math they never thought possible. It is always inspiring to hear their new love and passion for math. In the short time I have used JUMP Math with my students, I have seen not just an improvement in their math skills. More importantly, I have seen an increase in their confidence as learners, not just in math but in other subject areas. John is so right when he says that math is the easiest subject to remediate and it is my hope that as more teachers use JUMP Math, the day of no more remedial math classes in schools draws closer.”
- Consultant, Vancouver School Board


“I think the secret of the program is that concepts are broken down so carefully.  Nothing is assumed either in the teaching or the learning.”  
– Teacher, Victoria


"John [Mighton] sees the patterns, relationships, or discrepancies that are not apparent to novices. His expertise allows him to identify what is relevant and subsequently organize the mathematical information into conceptual frameworks that allow for greater student transfer. Working with JUMP Math has increased my abilities in math! JUMP Math is brilliant! It Works! Kids and adults working with it LOVE it!"
– Principal, Toronto


“My relationship with math was not a happy one, as either a student or a teacher …When my own daughter was struggling in math, I came across JUMP Math on the internet, decided to try an introductory unit on fractions to see if it would make difference. For some reason my struggling daughter learned her math facts effortlessly and was able to master the concepts. That started my “love affair” with JUMP Math. I just had to learn more ... It has been an exciting journey of discovery. My own confidence in my ability to do elementary math, to understand it more deeply and to see patterns that I had never noticed before, grew as I learned more about the JUMP approach, teaching strategies and philosophy… for the first time in my life I saw the elegance and sheer beauty of math and I learned to think like a mathematician … I have been transformed as a learner, as a teacher, as a tutor and as a person since I have been introduced to JUMP. I was completely taken by surprise, that I could learn so much and be so inspired, and by Math of all things!”
– Teacher, Vancouver



"I am hooked!  This concept of bonus questions and extending the problem is such an effective way to motivate struggling students.  They were literally jumping out of their seats because they wanted to go up to the board to solve problems.  We didn't get to the addition of fractions worksheet so I told them they could take home and look it over before Thursday.  One student finished it in about the 2 minutes it took for the class to collect their belongings.  On her way out, she showed her Mom the bonus questions she answered in her notebooks and had this proud look in her demeanor that was priceless.  I took your advice on instant assessment and went around putting stars next to problems they answered correctly.  They couldn't wait to show me their work.  I have seen the power of group dynamics and how JUMP can sweep everyone along."  
– Tutor, Palo Alto


"JUMP gave me a lot ideas and examples for teaching students, starting at the most basic level. This was especially helpful for our students who struggle in math."
– Tutor, Rocketship Education, Palo Alto


"JUMP was engaging for me and my students, with each lesson including drawings and concrete examples. I saw a big change in my students' attitudes when we used JUMP."
– Tutor, Rocketship Education, Palo Alto



"I took my 2 daughters out of French school when both teachers told me they were struggling with math, and we went to homeschooling. Alice was so frightened of math she could no longer think, but would freeze mentally as soon as we started. Of course one on one teaching helps, but when we started JUMP math, she normally refused my help entirely and did it alone, and correctly, and for 3 years, so that now she is confident and coping with no help in grade 10. I was really sorry when grade 8 was over and there were no further JUMP math books! The thing I liked best in the program was the introduction to algebra. I honestly think no one could have trouble with algebra after that preparation."
- Homeschooler & Parent


"I'm just writing to say thank you for the excellent materials.  Today my 7-year-old daughter said to me, 'I can solve these problems quickly because I'm good at math'.  We are using the Jump Math in our homeschooling and I have watched her develop confidence and insight from the actual achievements that the materials lead her into."
- Homeschooler & Parent



"JUMP explains math in a way I understand."   
- Grade 7 student, Vancouver


"I appreciate all the things you have done for my class and math is so easy I want to be a mathematician."
- Grade 5 Student, Toronto

"When I was in grade 1, 2, 3 and 4, I hated math a lot because it’s so hard. But when John Mighton came and taught math to my class, I suddenly thought math was so fun and easy."
- Grade 5 Student, Toronto


"I learned that fractions aren’t that hard."
- Student, Winnipeg


"It makes me a genius at math."
- Grade 7 student, Vancouver


"I learned how to add, subtract and reduce.  I also learned how to change denominators to be the same and to add mixed fractions.  I learned how to change improper fractions into mixed and mixed to improper fractions.  I finally understood how to know what way the mouth goes when you try to find which fraction is larger.  I am finally understand fractions.  I love doing them now."
- Student, Winnipeg



"My daughter started to fall behind in numeracy.  I felt that it didn’t have to be the case, but I had no idea how to address math as my own math education was so lacking.  So, after discovering JUMP Math, I feel like I have hit the jackpot!"
- Parent


"My child has gone from experiencing great math anxiety (and possibly dyscalculia) to feeling comfortable and confident that she can learn the material.  She's even doing some mental math!"
- Parent, CA


"My son has just started his second year of doing Jump Math…I can not convey enough what a success it has been for him.  His teacher even emailed us this week to comment on the big leap from last year.  Again as a mom…THANKS!"
- Parent, Toronto


"My daughter, who is in grade 3, has been very upset about her math since school started this year. Well this weekend I spent some time showing her the JUMP way to do addition, subtraction and multiplication. The results are awesome. You should see her little face. She is so excited that she can do the math. It is amazing how quickly it works. I am amazed at the results. This program really works!"
- Parent, Ottawa


"I got so many tips from you!  When I reached home from your presentation, I saw my daughter writing her multiplication tables. I immediately sat down with her and taught her the styles that I learned from you. It was so effective that she grasped the technique and even her younger brother got interested and sat down beside us."
- Parent, Toronto