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Teachers, students, parents, tutors and other educators describe their experiences using JUMP Math. 

To learn how JUMP Math enhances the potential in children by encouraging an understanding and a love of math in students and educators, click on any of the pictures below. There are many other videos for you to watch on the JUMP Channel.

John Mighton tells how students’ math knowledge grew twice as much with JUMP versus the usual methods of math instruction


Mary Jane Moreau says that JUMP Math revolutionizes how children learn and teachers teach


Maria King's Vancouver students attribute their high school success in math to what they learned with JUMP Math


Andrew Uyeno says that using JUMP Math has enabled him to see a genius in every child


Rosa Andrew, of Xit'olacw Community School, tells how she is able to integrate JUMP Math into her language and culture


Student Jacoba Rozema says she went from hating math to loving it:  story with JUMP Math


Marcus Elia says JUMP is revolutionary in that it shows that all students have the ability and it is just a matter of bringing it out of them


Elisha Bonnis says that JUMP Math made life as a teacher better and that math is the favourite time of day in her classroom