Where do I start?

The JUMP Math program starts with Confidence Building Units (formerly called the Introductory Units). The Confidence Building Units (CBUs) are designed with two purposes in mind:

  1. To boost your child's confidence in math, and;
  2. To reinforce some basic numeracy skills that are crucial in moving ahead. 

Please note that the Introductory Unit starts in grade 2.  It is meant as a confidence builder.

Here's what an Ottawa parent had to say:

My daughter, who is in grade 3, has been very upset since school started this year about her math. There have been so many tears and frustration that her "brain hurts", she "can't do math", "it's impossible", "my teacher just expects me to know it, she won't show me how to do it", etc... She has been stressed out and I've had to pick her up at school so often with sore tummy, etc...

Well this weekend I spent some time - not even an hour - showing her the JUMP way to do addition, subtraction and multiplication for 2, 3 and 5 only.  Well the results are awesome. You should see her little face. She has been asking for practice sheets for 4 hours this morning - she is so excited that she can do the math.  It is amazing how quickly it works. I am amazed at the results.