What makes JUMP Math unique?

JUMP Math’s distinctive, agile approach focuses not only on what students learn, but how they learn it. It has been developed through extensive research and experience working with children. Unlike teaching methods that rely on text books, rote learning or memorization, our approach helps children overcome “math anxiety” by building their confidence and resilience through tackling incrementally more challenging concepts at each stage of learning. This leads to success at understanding math – not just memorizing concepts.

As a non-profit publisher, JUMP Math subsidizes the cost of developing our math resources for teachers and students, so they are affordable — even for the smallest education budget.

We have learned that students face 5 main barriers to learning math:

  1. Math anxiety: When students feel anxious, they have trouble focusing.
  2. Lack of confidence: Students who feel others are better at math are less likely to be engaged in their lessons.
  3. Low self-expectations: A belief that success depends on natural ability rather than effort results in students doing poorly.
  4. Information overload: The brain is easily overwhelmed by too much new information.
  5. Missed concepts: Students who haven’t mastered basic math concepts struggle to problem-solve, see patterns, and make estimates and predictions.

Our Approach

To help children overcome these barriers, JUMP Math uses a research-informed approach to teaching called, Structured Inquiry, which is based on the beauty and structure of math itself.

Combined with powerful teaching, JUMP Math harnesses children’s natural curiosity for learning, focusing on both concept mastery and confidence building, so there’s no limit to what any child can achieve in math – and in life. 

JUMP Math meets students where they are in their learning and gets them to where they need to be.

Access JUMP Math in your community

You can access JUMP Math wherever you are. JUMP Math collaborates with those advancing education around the world to foster human potential and well-being. We offer our math program and class resources to educators, students and parents in Canada, the United States and in other countries world-wide, including Spain, Chile, Colombia and Bulgaria.

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Partner with us

Our Partnership with Math Minds

As a learning organization, JUMP Math invites current educational and learning sciences research to inform and evolve our approach, resources, and professional learning.

This is why we have partnered with Math Minds, a multi-year research study and collaborative partnership between the University of Calgary, Werklund School of Education researchers, Calgary area school districts, and JUMP Math. Through in-class research using JUMP Math resources, Math Minds has developed a unique model and free professional learning course for teachers to more effectively teach math. The Math Minds partnership demonstrates how JUMP Math can be used in even more powerful ways for teachers and students.

Our Awards & Recognition

JUMP Math has been recognized with a number of awards for our innovation, results and impact.

Our founder Dr. John Mighton has also received numerous awards for his innovative work in mathematics and social entrepreneurship.