A Cross-Atlantic love affair – with math

4 min

JUMP Math and partner, UpSocial, in Spain are working together to bring a love of math to classrooms on both sides of the ocean

Silvia Paricio and Magda Turró are teachers at the Escola Mare de Déu de l’Assumpció in Badalona, a community outside of Barcelona, Spain.

The two teachers had experienced the same struggles teaching math: overcoming the fear of math and lack of motivation to teach it, attitudes which they saw reflected in their students. “Students have the feeling that mathematics is not useful for life,” said Silvia and Magda.

The need to improve their students’ competence in math – as well as their own attitudes towards it – led them to seek an alternative way of teaching math. JUMP Math has been used in Spain for over a decade. UpSocial, a social enterprise in Barcelona, selected JUMP Math as the top math program curriculum in the world after evaluating the best rated math education programs globally, and subsequently became a licensed JUMP Math partner. JUMP Math is currently taught to 40,000 students in Spain. 

Since Silvia and Magda began using JUMP Math two years ago, both teachers have noticed a transformation in their classrooms.

“Students have lived through the change in math teaching with curiosity at first and with motivation now,” Silvia and Magda explained. “For two years now, they’ve liked math classes better because they understand the concepts they are working on. They are involved in the subject throughout the class.”

Teachers in Spain have somewhat different requirements than their Canadian counterparts. For example, they have less prep time for lessons and are more technologically advanced in the classroom. 

But like their Canadian counterparts, teachers in different regions have different curricula – that often change frequently. And they need to adapt the program to the specific needs of their classroom. They also share similar concerns to their Canadian peers about their ability to prepare for lessons, use JUMP Math resources effectively, and cover their particular curriculum within the time frame required. 

To solve these challenges and build a better product, JUMP Math is working closely with its JUMP Math partner in Spain, UpSocial, to address Spanish teachers’ feedback on the program and create a “JUMP Math 2.0”, digital-first version of of the teacher and student resources. The cross-Atlantic partnership is leveraging both JUMP Math’s knowledge and expertise and its Spanish partners’ ability to contribute their expertise, test, and quickly deploy solutions.

The future, digital version of JUMP Math will:

  • Equip teachers with a one-stop resource, flexible lesson plans and a customized planning tool;
  • Offer adaptable content to better meet the requirements from different regions and countries;
  • Provide quick, reliable assessment tools;
  • Empower teachers with motivating, practical and recognized professional development; and
  • Create an active, supportive online community for teachers.

The new tools will make it even easier for teachers like Silvia and Magda to transform their students’ fear into excitement around math. Now, the teachers are surprised when math class ends and the students continue doing exercises. “Some even ask to do more!” they note with enthusiasm.

To learn more about this partnership and find out how you can license the JUMP Math program or partner with JUMP Math to advance math education for students globally, contact us cathryn.gregor@jumpmath.org