Volunteer: Board of Directors of JUMP Math

Application Post date:   November 4, 2021

Application Deadline:   December 3, 2021

Application Information:   

Those interested in applying should send a resume and a brief email expressing your interest and experience to board@jumpmath.org. The Board welcomes applications from diverse candidates.

Our Vision
A numerate and equitable society for all through mathematics education.

Our Mission
We believe that everyone can be great at mathematics. We empower educators and students with research-informed, curriculum–aligned print and technology resources and approaches that instill confidence and spark a life-long love of mathematics. We engage and collaborate with those who are advancing education around the world to achieve stronger student outcomes and foster human potential and well-being.

About JUMP Math
JUMP Math is a Canadian national registered charity that is dedicated to enhancing the potential in children by encouraging an understanding and a love of math in students and educators. JUMP Math replaces the self-fulfilling myth that some people are born with mathematical ability while others do not have the ability to succeed with an understanding that all children can be led to think mathematically.

JUMP Math draws on the latest cognitive science research to build upon the best aspects of math programs from around the world to provide a unique combination of depth, careful scaffolding, continuous assessment, and a variety of innovative instructional approaches. The JUMP Math numeracy program was started in 1998 by mathematician and playwright, Dr. John Mighton. JUMP Math became a registered charity in 2002. JUMP has grown rapidly and is currently being used by over 20,000 students in the United States, more than 175,000 in Canada, and approximately 40,000 in Spain, Chile and Columbia.

JUMP Math is seeking experienced diverse volunteer board members to join the board of directors for a two-year renewable term. Specifically, we are seeking board members with one or more of the following skills:
• Finance and Accounting
• Fundraising/Revenue Generation
• Government Relations
• Education Technology

For more information about JUMP Math financial reports: https://jumpmath.org/ca/reports-finances/

JUMP Math Board of Directors – Job Description:

ACCOUNTABILITY: The JUMP Math Board of Directors is collectively accountable to the organization as well as its community, funders and other stakeholders. The Board is accountable for the JUMP Math’s performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives, and for the effective stewardship of financial and human resources.

AUTHORITY: Individual board members have no authority to approve actions by JUMP Math, to direct staff, or to speak on behalf of JUMP Math unless given such authority by the board.

TIME COMMITMENT: Four to six hours a month to participate in board meetings and/or committees and prepare for board meetings, and occasionally attend events. The board meets six times per year. Additional time for support with special projects, fundraising, and ambassadorial work in making connections to the broader community.

TERM OF OFFICE: Two-year term that is renewable.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Board of Directors governs JUMP Math by approving and overseeing its strategy as well as its talent, financial, and risk management. It also acts in the best long-term interests of JUMP
Math and the community and brings to the task of informed decision-making a broad knowledge and an inclusive perspective. As such, every member of the Board is expected to do the following:

• Prepare for and participate in board meetings;
• Listen to others’ views, advocate their own, identify common interests and alternatives, and be open to compromise;
• Support governance decisions once made;
• Participate in the review of JUMP Math vision/mission, objectives, and annual plan;
• Monitor the performance of JUMP Math in relation to its mission, objectives, core values and reputation;
• Abide by the by-laws, code of conduct, conflict of interest and other polices that apply to the board;
• Participate in the approval the annual budget and monitor the financial performance of JUMP Math;
• Participate in the hiring of, and if required, the releasing of, the Chief Executive Officer;
• Annual evaluation of the performance of the CEO;
• Assist the staff wherever possible to raise funds to support the work of JUMP Math by making
introductions to potential funders or partners such as government or the private sector.
• Make an annual financial personal charitable donation to support the charitable work of JUMP Math, each according to their own means. We have 100% participation of the board as donors.

The Board generally adds new members at its the next annual general meeting in fall of each year but can also elect directors throughout the year.

Those interested in applying should send a resume and a brief email expressing your interest and experience to board@jumpmath.org. The Board welcomes applications from diverse candidates.

Address: JUMP Math, One Yonge Street, Suite 1014, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E5
Charitable Registration #: 864326814 RR0001

For More information about JUMP Math visit: www.jumpmath.org

We are committed to hiring practices that are barrier-free, emphasize the value of diversity, and ensure dignity, respect, and equal access for all applicants. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, especially those who are usually underrepresented in Canada’s workforce including Indigenous peoples, those from the LGBTQ2S community, people with disabilities, those who identify as BIPOC, and women. 

If you require accommodation during the application process, please let us know.