FAQ Parents

Q: How Do I change my account/payment information?

You can change any account information by clicking ‘My account’ on the Resource Centre homepage. ‘My account’ is your personal dashboard, where you can review and manage purchases, downloads, personal and payment information.

Q: Where are my purchases and downloads?

All digital purchases and downloads will be stored under ‘My Account’ on the Resource Centre homepage. You will also be sent a file of your purchase/download to the email address registered to your JUMP Math account.

Q: How Do I Contact the JUMP Math team?

If you’d like to inquire with member of our team, click ‘Contact Support’ on the Resource Centre homepage. Once there, you can choose which department you’d like to speak with, i.e. sales.

Q: What is the difference between the Resource Centre and the JUMP Math store?

The Resource Centre provides a selection of free resources that act as a complementary tool to the products found in the JUMP Math store. While our resource Centre provides a range of materials to explore, certain products are only available in the JUMP Math store.

Q: Where are the Answer Keys?

Answer Keys can be found under the ‘Homeschool Tools’ section of the Resource Centre. Simply filter your language and Grade, then click ‘Download PDF’ to save the file directly from the page.

Note: Answer Keys are available on the Resource Centre for Grades 3-8.