Learning Loss: The “Shadow Pandemic”  

The challenges of remote and hybrid learning caused by Covid-19 have had a devastating ripple effect on student mental health, social development, and particularly learning. Kids have fallen behind in every subject, especially in math, and teachers and parents are struggling to support them.

Learning loss is putting children’s future academic success and life opportunities at risk. Students need our help now.

“I have five kids. . . . I can’t monitor all their focus levels at once and neither can the teacher, so they’re able to tune out . . . when they please. I often notice the class is running in the background of other distractions. My youngest sons and my daughter are behind on all of their assignments. As for [my youngest] well, he’s very low-functioning. We’ve easily lost 5 years of progress in the past year. It’s heartbreaking.”

– Azra, Parent, TDSB, July 2021

Impact of Learning Loss on Kids

Math is the #1 predictor of academic and life success, more so than English studies or any other subject. Students who fall behind in math by Grade 4 only have a 1 in 3 chance of catching up.

Since Covid-19, learning setbacks have increased tenfold—with considerably worse odds for students in marginalized communities. Studies show that a 3-month school closure can lead to a full year of learning loss for students—even more for those in low-income and racialized communities. Most Canadian students have endured more than 7 months of closures, resulting in learning loss that is not only cumulative, but potentially permanent, if not immediately addressed. 

What is more worrying is that, according to a 2021 Oxford University study, a deficiency in math education directly impacts a child’s cognitive development in terms of memory, problem-solving, reasoning, and coordination, as well as physical health, career opportunities and socio-economic growth.

Removing Barriers to Help Kids Catch Up 

During the disruptions of remote learning, JUMP Math has rallied to support thousands of educators and 200,000 students across Canada. We have provided free access to digital student materials, teaching resources and professional support services, prioritizing low-income schools, families and Indigenous students. 

To help kids catch up, we have also supported families with online math practice activities to do at home and piloted a successful tutoring program, which we’re expanding to more students this Fall. But there is much more work to do.

As Canadian children head back to school, the need to help kids bridge learning gaps and catch up now is critical to avoiding further learning loss. Your support can provide so many more students with urgently needed access to accelerated learning support. 

At JUMP Math, we believe it is possible for every student—even the most academically challenged—to swiftly close major gaps in learning. Through our research-informed approach and almost 20 years of demonstrated success empowering educators with resources that build student confidence, ability and retention of essential math concepts, we know how to quickly and efficiently get kids back on track with math learning.

Help Reach More Students Now

Join us in our charitable mission to continue building equitable access to math education for every student. 

With a monthly or one-time donation, you can help get critical math resources into the hands of more young students across Canada who need our support today, for a more successful, prosperous tomorrow.

Double your Impact

Multiply the impact of your gift! Donate before September 30, 2021 and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar (up to a maximum of $25,000) by generous JUMP Math donors committed to helping us achieve our charitable goal of supporting every child to succeed at math.