Need help teaching Financial Literacy? 

JUMP Math has everything you need to successfully teach these concepts to your Grades 4-9 students. 

These free online resources will help you build student confidence and skills, and save time on class preparation. No previous experience with JUMP Math required! 

What Support is Available?

Our digital Financial Literacy Support Platform offers curriculum-aligned, fully accessible materials* to support Ontario elementary (junior & middle) and Grade 9 teachers and students with teaching and learning this new strand of the Ontario math curriculum — all in a few easy steps:

*Toutes les ressources sont disponibles en français

1: Professional Learning Support

Our Professional Learning Webinar series offers in-depth instructional and assessment support to help you confidently and successfully teach Financial Literacy, whether in class or online.

Webinar 1 – Teaching Support for the New Ontario Financial Literacy Curriculum
Webinar 2 – Money Concepts & Grade 4
Webinar 3 – Financial Management and Grades 5 & 6

2: Student Exercises & Activities

Once ready to teach the curriculum in class, you can easily assign students a series of grade-appropriate, interactive, online exercises and activities on the Financial Literacy Support Platform.

3: Monitoring & Assessment Capabilities

A dashboard on the Financial Literacy Support Platform enables teachers to efficiently monitor and evaluate student progress in real time. You can use this information to dynamically adapt your lessons and assignments to meet the needs of your students.

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans: Grade 9

Grade 9 Lesson Plans and other resources are also available on the platform, offering you additional instructional support.

Financial Literacy Lesson Plans: Grades
4 – 8

Elementary school teachers can access free, curriculum-aligned Financial Literacy Lesson Plans for Grades 4-8 (English only) in our Resource Centre on the JUMP Math website. Simply “login” and create a free account to access them (downloadable pdf format).