Support for The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Mathematics, 2020

These Teacher Supports are to help teachers plan and teach with our resources and The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8: Mathematics, 2020.

They include:

  • Updated Curriculum Correlations
  • Updated Annotated Table of Contents
  • New Support Table of Contents & Guidelines that indicate when to teach additional support lessons provided from other grades, and notes on how to modify grade-level material, if required.
  • New Support Lesson Folder which includes:
    • Teacher Resource lesson plan
    • Black Line Masters (if applicable)
    • Student Assessment & Practice book pages
    • Digital Lesson Slides (in both SMART Notebook & MS PowerPoint formats)
    • Assessments & Answer Keys (by unit)

We continue to offer high-quality support for both in-class, and remote math teaching and learning. As always, our Ontario Teacher Support & Outreach Managers are available to connect with you!

Grade 1, New Canadian Edition

Grade 2, New Canadian Edition

Grade 3, New Canadian Edition

Grade 4, New Canadian Edition

Grade 5, New Canadian Edition

Grade 6, New Canadian Edition

Grade 7, 2009 Edition

Grade 8, 2009 Edition


Updated September 21, 2020