Answer Keys for AP Book 5 - New Canadian Edition

Answer Keys for units in New Canadian Edition AP Book 5

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Part 1

Unit 1: Patterns and Algebra: Increasing and Decreasing Patterns

Unit 2: Number Sense: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

Unit 3: Number Sense: Multiplying Whole Numbers

Unit 4: Number Sense: Dividing Whole Numbers

Unit 5: Measurement: Length and Time

Unit 6: Geometry: Angles and Polygons

Unit 7: Probability and Data Management: Graphs and Surveys


Part 2 (to come)

Unit 8: Patterns and Algebra: Variables, Expressions, and Equations

Unit 9: Number Sense: Fractions

Unit 10: Number Sense: Decimals

Unit 11: Number Sense: Using Decimals

Unit 12: Geometry: Coordinates and Transformations

Unit 13: Geometry: 3-D Shapes

Unit 14: Measurement: Perimter, Area, Volume, and Mass

Unit 15: Probabilty and Data Management: Likelihood and Probability


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Updated July 23, 2019