A Better Way to Teach Math: New York Times

JUMP Math is featured in two articles in the New York Times. David Bornstein writes, "...the experience of some educators in Canada and England, using a curriculum called Jump Math, suggests that we seriously underestimate the potential of most students and teachers. It's hard to imagine what society might look like if we could undermine the math hierarchies that get solidified in grade school".  Read A Better Way to Teach Math and Read When Math Makes Sense (To Everyone).

"The foundation of the process is building confidence, which Mighton believes should be the first goal of a math teacher. Confidence begets attention, which begets rich learning. “I’ve never met a teacher who will tell you that a student doesn’t need to be confident to excel in school,” explains Mighton. “But I’ve never seen a math curriculum that follows the implications of that idea rigorously.” Math is well-suited to build confidence. Teachers can reduce things to tiny steps, gauge the size of each step to the student and raise the bar incrementally".