Essential Lessons for 2020–2021

Back-to-School Free Resources 2020–2021

Review Lessons including September Primer

The Review Lessons begin with a number sense primer for September and also include review lessons from previous grades. These Review Lessons serve as a bridge to anticipated new learning in the current grade. They can be inserted, as needed, throughout the school year.

Essential Lessons Lists

These are highlighted lists of lessons from the Table of Contents for each grade. During unique circumstances with compressed timelines (school closures, staggered class-groupings, distance instruction), these lists help educators choose the most essential lessons from the JUMP Math Teacher Resources (TR) Parts 1 & 2 for each grade. These lessons were selected through the triple lens of curriculum coverage, scaffolding of topics, and preparing students for later grades. 

Looking for French Review Lessons & Essential Lessons lists? Click here.


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**If you are looking for Spring 2020 Part 2 Essential Lessons, please contact your Outreach Manager for the files, we would be happy to share them.

Essential Lessons for 2020–2021 — Alberta

Essential Lessons for 2020–2021 — British Columbia

Essential Lessons for 2020–2021 — Manitoba

Essential Lessons for 2020–2021 — Ontario *Teacher support for the new Ontario curriculum (2020) is available here.

Essential Lessons for 2020–2021 — Saskatchewan

Updated June 8, 2020