Grade-Specific Materials


JUMP Math's grade-specific materials (both Teacher Resources and Student Assessment and Practice Books) are at the core of its unique mathematics program. They are rigorously designed to help classroom teachers make math accessible for all of their students. The books provide a balance between guided and independent work, which has proven to be remarkably effective at closing the gap between weaker and stronger students. These materials are indispensable for a teacher who wishes to teach the complete curriculum without leaving anyone behind.

  • Available for Kindergarten to Grade 8
  • Covers the Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Western (WNCP) curricula and over 90% of the Atlantic curriculum
  • Tested and improved based on work in over 70 classrooms

Structure of Materials

Our Student Assessment and Practice (AP) books are printed in two parts. This was designed to keep the AP books in a manageable size, allow for satisfaction of completing an AP book and the excitement of moving on to a new one. The worksheets in these books are designed for students to succeed in numerical and symbolic work as well as the communication and exploration of ideas.

There are three essential aspects to the approach:

1.  Concepts and skills are isolated.
2.  Material is introduced in steps.
3.  Preparation and practice are provided.

Each grade-specific AP Book has a corresponding Teacher Resource which contains:

  • An introduction to the JUMP Math philosophy and teaching method
  • Mental math skills
  • Activities and extension exercises
  • Blackline Masters