Many parents in Canada and the United States use JUMP Math to homeschool their children.

Teacher Resources and Student AP Books for Grades 1 through 8 meet the standards set by the Ontario curriculum, the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol (WNCP), the Alberta Curriculum, and are suitable for students in most of the provinces and territories.

Choose from two editions:

JUMP Math has found that children learn better when they feel successful and are confident they will not be allowed to fail. Teachers therefore communicate their belief that all students can learn, and reinforce this belief with frequent and specific encouragement. This creates a positive learning environment, which in turn leads to more academically focused behaviour. In a homeschool setting, JUMP Math works by helping adults lead children through a tailored process of micro-teaching, structured inquiry and practice that gradually extends student understanding.

We recommend that you use the JUMP Math lesson plans contained in our Teacher Resource and accompanying Student Assessment and Practice (AP) Books. The Teacher Resource is designed to work for teachers who are not math specialists. Each contains a comprehensive set of clear, concise lesson plans, including several different explanations for each concept, unit tests, answer keys, black line masters and curriculum guides – everything you need to help you teach math.

You may have seen what is called JUMP At Home in bookstores.  Please note that it is not suitable for homeschooling as it is designed as a supplement for children who attend school and contains slightly more than half of the full curriculum.

Professional Development

JUMP Math provides in-person training and live webinars that show how to use the lesson plans to assess and fill in gaps in students’ knowledge, how to understand and present math ideas in different ways, how to motivate students, and how to foster problem-solving abilities using achievable challenges.


"I'm just writing to say thank you for the excellent materials.  Today my 7-year-old daughter said to me, 'I can solve these problems quickly because I'm good at math'.  We are using the Jump Math in our homeschooling and I have watched her develop confidence and insight from the actual achievements that the materials lead her into."

"My son is a fifth grader who was diagnosed with Dyscalculia in the 3rd grade, which was when I began homeschooling him.  Last week, during a Jump Math session, his eyes actually lit up and he said, "Oh I get it!"  I almost cried it was so awesome."