2-Day Workshop - Vancouver, BC


Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 09:00 to Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - 15:30

Join Liz Barrett, Outreach Manager, BC and learn how JUMP Math can raise levels of student engagement, boost confidence, and help you teach in a way that supports all learners academically. On the first day, we will look at:

  • barriers that prevent students from paying attention and being engaged in math lessons;
  • the JUMP Math Teacher Resource and how to use it effectively;
  • effective teaching strategies that will instill a deep understanding and love of math in students;
  • using number talks to help students think about numbers in different ways;
  • the strategic teaching of mental math facts and skills;
  • how to use our digital lesson slides to create effective and working IEPs;
  • achieving understanding and mastery by breaking mathematics down into sequential, scaffolded steps, while still allowing students to make discoveries; and
  • using continuous assessment to ensure all students are engaged and none are left behind.

DAY 2: Numeracy Skill Building and Problem Solving Strategies Used in JUMP Math

Day 2 is all about helping you develop a deeper understanding of how the JUMP Math teaching techniques develop resilient students who embrace challenges. How can you keep all students engaged and attentive by “raising the bar” incrementally? Our focus will be on sharing what we have learned around helping students develop strong numeracy and problem-solving skills. We will also introduce you to some math games and show you how to put on a math fair at your school.

Map: Directions

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YWCA Hotel on Beatty Street

Street address: 

733 Beatty Street