JUMP Math 2 Day Summer Workshop - Vancouver, BC


Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 09:00 to Wednesday, August 14, 2019 - 15:00

Target Audience:
Principals, Math leads, teachers, home schooling parents.
Time: 9-3 pm.  Lunch and refreshments included.

DAY 1: JUMP Math in the Classroom: Closing the Gap and Building a Growth Mindset Culture
Learn how JUMP Math can raise levels of student engagement, boost confidence, and help you teach in a way that supports all learners academically.
On the first day, we will look at the RaPID model developed by researchers from the Math Minds project from the Werklund School at the University of Calgary.

  • the Teacher Resource is key to delivering JUMP Math – explore how to use it effectively
  • what are the barriers that prevent students from paying attention and being engaged in math lessons?
  • effective teaching strategies – examine how to identify key mathematical concepts (called Critical Discernments) in JUMP Math lessons, and then how to assess student’s learning of these.
  • strategic teaching of mental math facts and skills - the key to computational fluency.
  • How to use our Confidence Building Units
  • IEP- how to use our SMARTBOARD JUMP Math lessons to create effective and working IEP’s

DAY 2: Numeracy Skill Building and Problem-Solving Strategies Used in JUMP Math.

Day 2 is all about helping you develop a deeper understanding of how the JUMP Math teaching techniques develop resilient students, who embrace challenges.

Our focus will be on sharing what we have learned around helping students develop thinking classrooms where students are guided to explore and developed  techniques and skills for problem-solving. 

Extensions and Bonus questions can help you keep all students engaged and attentive by “raising the bar” incrementally.

We will also introduce you to some math games and show you how to put on a Math fair at your school.

Project Based learning – Linking Math and Nature.

Many schools using JUMP Math are part of the IB program – we will explore ways in which you can set up Inquiries that link  Math and Nature.

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