Introduction to JUMP Math - Kindergarten and Grade 1 focus


Thursday, August 15, 2019 - 09:00 to 15:00

Join Liz Barrett, Outreach Manager for a JUMP Math workshop.
You will learn how applying JUMP Math principles can help expand your knowledge of math and confidence as a math teacher, while making math classes more effective, more enjoyable, and less stressful for you and your students.
This workshop focuses on early numeracy development - Kindergarten and Grade 1.

Focus areas

Spatial Thinking 
Learn how the JUMP Math resources can help you provoke and develop spatial thinking in your classes

Mental Math  – Counting Fluency 
Responding to the most recent research in math learning, the JUMP Math Kindergarten Resources use simple and engaging activities to support all elements of the complex counting process.  Let us help you expand your repertoire for developing number sense, computational fluency and conceptual understanding.

Mental Math  – Comparing and Composing
Strengthen early computational fluency in your Kindergarten setting with a variety of activities that explore and structure inquiry of mathematical comparison and composing and decomposing of numbers.

    Data Management – Unlocking the potential of the group- data management activities require minimal language and these tasks are ideal to build confidence in students, especially those with ESL.

Math and Nature

Linking your young students to online projects- I will share some websites that are simple to use and apply data management in real time.
Weather Watching, Bird Watching- Journey North.

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