Commandez dès maintenant les cahiers d’apprentissage pour les élèves en immersion française de la 1re à la 4e année. | French Immersion Assessment and Practice Books for Grades 1-4 Now In Stock.

Dès maintenant, JUMP est fiers d’offrir nos Éditions Françaises de nos cahiers d’apprentissage pour les élèves en immersion française de la première à la quatrième année. | JUMP Math is pleased to announce that Part 1 of its Édition Française student AP Books for Grades 1 to 4 are now available (Part 2 to follow).

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These new releases are the outcome of our partnership with the Vancouver Board of Education (VBE).  VBE staff, including vice principal Sylvain LaRochelle, were among the earliest and most enthusiastic adopters of JUMP Math in English.  Therefore, when Sylvain and the VBE's Modern Languages Consultant, Daniel Bélanger, approached JUMP in early 2010 about creating an Édition Française of JUMP's classroom program, we leapt at the opportunity.  Daniel affirms that "the VBE is [also] excited to have the opportunity to contribute to this project that will make a new math resource available to French Immersion teachers."

In 2010-11, the VBE conducted a trial of JUMP's grade 3 program involving over 300 students in 11 French Immersion classrooms, and this year, it will use JUMP in grades 1 through 4 of its French Immersion program.  Professor Linda Siegel, Dorothy Lam Chair in Special Education at the University of British Columbia, is conducting an independent study of this implementation.  She states that "preliminary findings for the 2010-11 school year show that math scores of children in the JUMP group increased significantly more than those of children in the control group.  Improvements were particularly marked for children who scored in the lower range prior to exposure to JUMP Math; but students who scored in the high range also gained more than their control group peers."

A growing body of evidence supports the extraordinary effectiveness of JUMP's English language classroom program; but one of JUMP's key design principles makes it particularly suited for French Immersion.  Says JUMP's Liz Barrett: "from day-1, John Mighton and our writing team have made clear, concise language a JUMP hallmark, so that children who are still mastering reading are not prevented from realizing their full potential in math."

Based on the positive response to the advance notice of our Éditions Françaises, we are able to set the list price at $12.35 per French AP Book. Our standard discounts continue to apply for bulk orders of any combination of French and English AP Books:

  • 20% off on orders of 6-20 copies (= $9.88 / French Edition copy)
  • 40% off on orders of 21 or more copies (= $7.41 / French Edition copy)

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Veuillez noter : Les guides de l’enseignant pour le programme JUMP Math destiné aux élèves de la première à la quatrième année ne seront disponibles qu’en anglais pour l’année scolaire 2011-12. Par conséquent, il est important que les enseignants qui présentent le programme JUMP Math en contexte d’immersion française se sentent à l’aise avec les ressources pédagogiques en anglais. Les guides proposent des plans de leçons concis et extrêmement efficaces permettant aux enseignants d’accomplir la tâche presque impossible d’enseigner à toute la classe tout en adaptant le contenu en fonction des besoins individuels des élèves.

Please note: For the 2011-12 school year the JUMP Math Teacher Resources for Grades 1 to 4 will only be available in English. Therefore, it is important that teachers using the JUMP program in a French immersion setting be comfortable using the teacher resources in English. Their concise, highly effective lesson plans enable teachers to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of teaching to the whole class while tailoring to individual needs.

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