Free Samples of School Resources for Our French Immersion Program

We have published a new Éditions Françaises of the JUMP Math student Assessment and Practice (AP) Books for Grades 1 to 4, which have corresponding Teacher Resources (TRs) in English for each grade level. Click on the links below to see free sample AP Book pages (in French), sample teacher's lesson plans (in English), and full AP Book tables of contents (in French).

Les guides de l’enseignant pour le programme JUMP Math destiné aux élèves de la première à la quatrième année ne seront disponibles qu’en anglais pour l’année scolaire 2011–12. Par conséquent, il est important que les enseignants qui présentent le programme JUMP Math en contexte d’immersion française se sentent à l’aise avec les ressources pédagogiques en anglais. Les guides proposent des plans de leçons concis et extrêmement efficaces permettant aux enseignants d’accomplir la tâche presque impossible d’enseigner à toute la classe tout en adaptant le contenu en fonction des besoins individuels des élèves.

The JUMP Math AP Books are meant to be used in conjunction with our extensive Teacher Resources to enable students to practise and explore subtle variations on the lessons and to enable teachers to rapidly assess progress. For each lesson, there is a clear and highly effective lesson plan, which enables teachers to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of teaching to the whole class while tailoring to individual needs. Each lesson is carefully designed to generate deep, subtle, transferable mastery of key concepts. Lesson plans include ideas for contextualizing the math, questions and tasks that allow students to discover mathematical concepts, games, activities, and innovative extension questions that keep "fast" students engaged and learning while teachers help others to master the key objectives.

Teacher Resource packages may be purchased from the University of Toronto Press or downloaded online for free. (If you do not have a JUMP Math website user account, please click here to create a new account, in order to access the Teacher Resources.)

For each grade level, Part 1 of the JUMP Math student resources includes extensive review of concepts from previous grades. The sections provided in the samples below are more basic than subsequent sections of the student books.

Click here to get more information about the JUMP Math AP Books (2 books per grade) including our Éditions Françaises (Part 2 for each grade available in December 2011), with links to the free online lesson plans and blackline masters, answer keys, sample tests, and other Teacher Resources. Please note: There are no answer keys or sample tests for Grades 1 and 2.

Click here to order AP Books from our distributor, UTP.