National Book Fund Results Show Significant Student Gains!

The results from fall and spring assessments revealed significant gains for students participating in JUMP Math’s 2015-2016 National Book Fund for the fifth year in a row. A total of 208 students in grades 4 to 7 completed the math computation subtest of the WRAT-4 in the fall and spring of the 2015-2016 school year.

Here are the highlights!                                        

  • On average, math achievement of students grew at 2.4 times the rate of the WRAT-4 standardization sample
  • The percentage of students scoring in the ‘above average’ range on the WRAT-4 increased from 12% to 20%
  • Mean percentile rank on the WRAT-4 increased from 30th to 42nd from fall to spring.

NBF 2015-2016 Graph

Download the full NBF Report for 2015-2016
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JUMP Math’s National Book Fund program awards free JUMP Math resources to high-needs classrooms across Canada. The National Book Fund was made possible by the generous support of lead funder TD Bank Group. More about the National Book Fund here.