What’s New

New Kindergarten Webinar Dates

We're offering unique webinars for Kindergarten teachers and Early Childhood Educators! Crafted especially for educators in the early years, our topic-focused sessions offer strategies and tips for integrating mathematics in the K classroom. Each webinar is 60 minutes and only $25 to register!

  • Mental Math (Part 2) – Comparing and Composing (January 16)
    Strengthen early computational fluency in your Kindergarten setting with a variety of activities that explore and “guide discovery” of mathematical comparison and composing and decomposing of numbers.


New Canadian Editions

JUMP Math has begun a major project to create new editions of our Grade 1-8 resources and to add a Kindergarten offering for the first time. Grade 3, Kindergarten, and Grades 1 and 2 are all available now. Expanded editions of the 2009 Edition TRs for Grades 4 to 8 are also available now, until major revisions of those grades are released.


JUMP Math has combined the wisdom of classroom kindergarten teachers with the knowledge of our specialist math writers to create a state of the art kindergarten math program! Our new Canadian Kindergarten resources for teachers and students are available to order now for the 2017-2018 school year.

Key features include: 

  • Lesson design that encompasses the broad developmental range in kindergarten 
  • Careful scaffolding of material, continuous assessment of student learning, and bonus questions and extensions throughout
  • Detailed, flexible lesson plans that include whole-class instruction and activities, as well as a variety of activity centres for easy differentiation
  • The introductory unit includes games and activities designed to teach pre-math skills while easing the transition to school
  • Simple, clear language in the student Assessment & Practice Books, that can be read by the teacher or by early readers
  • Assessment checklists with “look-fors” for formative assessment and suggested activities for summative assessment
  • A table of contents that shows which lessons to teach to cover the curriculum requirements for Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario

Sample lessons of our Canadian Edition Kindergarten program are available here.

Grades 1 and 2

JUMP Math is pleased to announce that we are publishing a new Canadian Edition of our Grades 1 and 2 teacher and student resources for the 2017-2018 school year.

Here are the key improvements we are making:

  • Revised lessons that cover the new British Columbia curriculum, as well as the Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario curricula
  • Improved Teacher Resource (TR) navigational tools, including a full table of contents showing which lessons to teach to cover your provincial curriculum requirements
  • Improved lesson plan format and content, with simplified activities requiring fewer materials and less preparation time, lots of individual student exercises, and extensions
  • Improved order of development of concepts, with easier concepts and required prior knowledge done first
  • Greater focus on the most fundamental topics at each grade level
  • Additional focus on mental math in the TR, including number talks to develop communication skills and flexible strategies and calendar time to develop fluency
  • New assessment tools, including assessment checklists and opportunities to practice paper and pencil tests

Sample lessons from the new Canadian Edition Grades 1 and 2 TRs and AP Books are available here.

New Grades 1 and 2 books can be ordered now from the University of Toronto Press, using the updated order form which may be downloaded here. Existing 2009 Edition Grades 1 and 2 resources in English will remain available for the 2017-2018 school year until January 1, 2018. Please note that effective January 1, 2018, the 2009 Edition Grades 1 and 2 AP Books in English will no longer be available for purchase.

SMART Lesson Materials for Part 1 of Grades 1 and 2 are available now, and will be available for Part 2 of Grades 1 and 2 on January 15, 2018, from our online store.


Grades 4 to 8

JUMP Math published Expanded 2009 Editions of our Grade 4–8 Teacher Resources (TRs) in early fall 2017. These Expanded 2009 Edition TRs for Grades 4-8 are all available now and include everything that was previously in our Grade 4–8 2009 Edition TRs plus the following:
  • Problem-Solving Lessons that focus, in 10 or 11 lessons per grade, on a range of problem-solving strategies and include extensive problems for practising each strategy
  • Extended problems that provide challenging opportunities, in 3 extended problems per grade, for students to use problem-solving strategies to solve multi-part problems
  • For Grades 7-8, improved and expanded quizzes and tests that cover all of the required curriculum material in every unit