Professional Development in Alberta

Professional Development in Alberta is led by Charlene MacKenzie, Donna Prato, and Gael James.

Upcoming Events in AB

JUMP Math’s Professional Development (PD) offerings (in-person, or online webinars) are designed to support the implementation of classroom resources and engage all K-8 educators.  Our Outreach team works closely with teachers, administrators and senior leadership to communicate and demonstrate JUMP Math's instructional approach, introduce teaching strategies, inform best practices and help create successful learning communities. We have something for everyone!

Our Professional Development sessions are also available as a series of webinars.

Summer 2-Day Workshops: Events full

All of our Summer 2-Day Workshops are full, and we are no longer taking registrations.  We are sorry if you have missed out.  If you would like one of our Outreach Managers to run a 'closed' event for your school or school board, please get in touch with Charlene MacKenzie, Donna Prato, or Gael James.

We are offering three 2-Day Workshops this summer.  Join Gael and Donna in Medicine Hat, Edmonton, or Calgary for 2 engaging days of workshops designed for teachers of all grades.

Day 1

The first day will be an introduction that takes an intensive look at all of the components of JUMP Math Resources including Assessment, Mental Math and Number Talks, and how these components work together to develop confidence and problem-solving skills in both students and teachers. We will also look at the supporting research and philosophy that underpin this math resource. Day One is for teachers who have not had JUMP Math PD in the past, or who would like to have a refresher.

8:45 – 9:00       Registration and Welcome

9:00 – 9:30       JUMP Math – a Brief History

9:30 – 10:30     How JUMP Math Builds Confidence by Exploring Research

10:45 – 11:00   Connecting JUMP Math Resources to the
                         AB Program of Studies

11:00 – 12:00   Resource Overview

12:45 – 2:15     Mental Math and Number Talks

2:30 – 3:15       Building Numeracy Through Games & Activities

3:15 – 3:30       Looking Ahead to Tomorrow

 Day 2

For the second day we will spend the morning exploring a model of teaching developed by researchers from the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, in a project called the Math Minds Initiative: a 7-year collaboration involving JUMP Math and two public school divisions. This model supports teachers in identifying, prompting attention to, and weaving together the critical components of each concept in the JUMP Math lessons, and then how teachers can interpret learning for every student and decide how to proceed. Then, in the afternoon we will offer a break out session – participants will be able to choose between planning for the coming year, OR delving deeper into planning/preparing & teaching lessons using the RaPID model.

8:45 – 9:00        Registration and Welcome Back

9:00 – 10:30      Introduction to Math Minds

10:45 – 12:00    Using Math Minds and the RaPID model to Teach Math

12:45 – 3:15      Break-Out Sessions (Participant's choice of:
                              A. Continue working with the RaPID Model
                                   and Planning to Teach
                              B. Continue reviewing JUMP Math Materials
                                   and Year Planning

3:15 – 3:30       Final Wrap-Up

Single Day Options

Teachers are welcome to sign up for the first day, the second day, or both days. If teachers would like to only join the second day they must have already attended a full-day Introduction to JUMP Math PD so as to ensure that they are already familiar with the resources. .  Please contact Gael. or Donna.) for a ‘day two only’ code.


Event Full
Thursday & Friday, August 8-9, 2019
Summer 2-Day Workshop
Edmonton, AB

The Centre for Literacy (Map)
8:45 am - 3:30 pm MT
Cost: $125.00 Per Day

Event Full
Wednesday & Thursday, August 14-15, 2019
Summer 2-Day Workshop

Calgary, AB

Bowness Community Association (Map)
8:45 am - 3:30 pm MT
Cost: $125.00 Per Day



‘Closed’ Professional Development Events

Our Outreach Managers also provide customized, individualized, professional development and teacher support - mostly within schools and school boards, but also at conferences and conventions.  To discuss PD options, pricing, and scheduling, please contact your Outreach Manager or phone 416 596 7716 x 228.


Outreach Managers - Alberta


 Charlene MacKenzie

Charlene enjoyed math in high school only due to a good “memory”. But biology was her calling. It was in post-secondary bio that she “hit the math wall”, though, faced with calculus and certain chemistries. She made it through, yet her bio-based plans got sidetracked after drifting from the Maritimes to Calgary in the 90s; the only teaching positions were in high school math. Thus her extensive teaching career began, in grades 1-12 classrooms and an alternative educational setting for many years. Along the way, and often through kids’ eyes, Charlene found math’s elegance. In recent years, she loved supporting teachers and students in numeracy and literacy. It was in this role that she discovered JUMP Math and John Mighton’s writings, and she ‘jumped’ at the chance to see John speak and learn from the brilliant MJ. A scientist at heart, Charlene is deeply interested in how the brain learns. She is thrilled to bring JUMP to teachers and do all she can to oust that myth of “hitting the math wall”. Charlene adores the mountains’ year-round activities, but her soul belongs to the ocean and east coast music. Slainte. Contact Charlene.


 Donna Prato

Donna began her journey into mathematics after 12 years as a Home Economics and Language Arts teacher.  At the time, it scared her a bit because she didn’t think math was her “thing” and she worried about her students. However, once she got going, she loved it!  Donna improved her math understanding by obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and by participating in as much professional development as possible. At one session, she was introduced to JUMP Math and was impressed by how accessible this program made this subject for her students. Donna was excited when the opportunity arose to join the JUMP Math team. Now she is happy to be working with teachers so they, too, can bring JUMP Math to their students. Donna’s favourite number is 17 as this was her age when she started university to become a teacher and in ’17 she retired from a very fulfilling 35-year career. 17 is also a prime number – say no more! Contact Donna.


 Gael James

Gael’s love of math began as a young child when she would be presented with a problem at bedtime, i.e., if you have A, B, and C, how many combinations can you make? After graduating with a B. Com. in ’89 she travelled the world for the next 20 years, ending up in Taiwan where she taught for 12 years. In 2011, she went for her B. Ed. at the University of Calgary to become a ‘real’ teacher. Gael then shared her love for math with students in elementary classrooms using JUMP Math resources. Gael is delighted to now be a member of the JUMP Math Outreach team in Alberta, helping teachers learn how effective and uncomplicated JUMP Math is to implement in the classroom. Her favourite number is 4, because it is a perfect square that is just the right size for a young student to appreciate. Contact Gael.