Professional Development in Manitoba

Professional Development in Manitoba is led by Laurie Wagner.

Professional Development in Manitoba

Upcoming Workshops

JUMP Math’s Professional Development (PD) sessions are designed to give you the tools and skills to effectively use the resources in your classroom or school. Topics covered in our session include:

  • Learn about JUMP Math resources, its philosophy and development
  • Examine comfort levels with mathematics and mathematics teaching
  • Discuss the importance of teachers' mathematical knowledge
  • Observe and critique a JUMP Math lesson
  • Become familiar with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Discuss practical strategies
  • Have opportunities to share ideas and network with colleagues

Our Professional Development sessions are also available as a series of webinars


Customized Professional Development Events

Our Outreach Managers also provide customized, individualized, professional development and teacher support - mostly within schools and school boards, but also at conferences and conventions.  To discuss PD options, pricing, and scheduling, please contact your Outreach Manager or phone 416 596 7716 x 228.


Outreach Manager in Manitoba

Laurie Wagner
Laurie Wagner - Outreach ManagerNumbers always do what they’re supposed to do! This is why Laurie has always had an enjoyment of math. As a student, Laurie loved school, as much for the socializing as for the academics! Being an avid reader and lover of mystery stories, Laurie always thought of math problems as a mystery to be solved. She went to work as a detective to decipher answers to long division questions and figured out problems in chemistry (the more complex the better), but her greatest love was – and still is – geometry. Triangles, circles and squares – oh my! As a teacher of grades 3, 4 and 5 students, Laurie had never found a math resource that she enjoyed teaching and one that her students enjoyed as well. She felt her students were not making the progress they could/should be…until she attended a JUMP Math PD. Laurie knew immediately that this was what she needed to instill enjoyment and confidence into her students’ math learning. She immediately began using JUMP Math in her classroom and was amazed at the improvements in her students’ abilities and attitudes. Her students are all now “mathletes” and tell her that they like that she teaches math so they can understand it. That’s JUMP Math! Laurie is excited to be part of the JUMP Math outreach team, helping teachers and students enjoy and become more confident in math. She wants to see all students achieve the success that her own students experienced. Laurie enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends. Her favourite number is 5, the number of years she used JUMP Math in her classroom! Contact Laurie