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To order JUMP Math materials, please choose:

Please note that JUMP Math does not handle book sales directly.  All print orders must be placed through our distributor, the University of Toronto Press (UTP). You may fax or mail completed order forms to UTP. If you send your order by fax, please call or email UTP to verify that your order has been received. You may also order by e-mail.

Grade-Specific Assessment & Practice Books (New Canadian Editions and 2009 Editions)

English Student AP Books for Kindergarten and Grades 1-8 (each part), in any combination*:

1 -5 copies No discount $11.73 per copy
6 - 20 copies 20% off $9.39 per copy
21+ copies 40% off $7.04 per copy

French Student AP Books (Cahiers) for Grades 1-6 (each part), in any combination*:

1 - 5 copies No discount $12.84 per copy
6 - 20 copies 20% off $10.27 per copy
21+ copies 40% off $7.70 per copy

* Note: The applicable AP Book discount level is based on the total number of English and French AP Books in an order. For example, if you ordered both of the English AP Book parts for each of six Grade 1 students and both of the French AP Book parts for each of five Grade 2 students, the total number of AP Books ordered would be 6 + 6 + 5 + 5 = 22. Your order would therefore get the maximum 40% discount off the cost of those books. The total cost would be [(6 + 6) x $11.73 + (5 + 5) x $12.84] x 60% = $161.50 plus the cost of shipping and handling and any applicable taxes.

Grade-Specific Teacher Resources:

New Canadian Edition TR for Kindergarten: $93.00 per copy

New Canadian Edition TRs for Grades 1-2: $99.00 per copy (sold separately as Part 1 and Part 2, at $49.50 per part)

New Canadian Edition TR for Grade 3: $112.75 per copy

Supplementary Material for TR for Grade 3 (included in New Canadian Edition TR for Grade 3): $21.95 per copy

2009 Edition TRs for Grades 1-8 in English: $91.80 per copy

2009 Edition TR for Grade 3 with BLMs and Tests in French: $99.50 per copy

The Teacher Resources for Grades K-8 include the AP Book-related Lesson Plans, Blackline Masters, curriculum reference guides, and (for Grades 3-8) AP Book answer keys and (for 2009 Edition Grades 3-8 and New Canadian Edition Grades K-3) modifiable assessment tools. Please note that no discounts are applicable to orders for the Teacher Resources, and they are non-returnable.

Quizzes & Tests (for New Canadian Edition Resources):

$15.00 per copy (for one grade and one region). For the New Canadian Edition resources, starting with Grade 3, separate Quizzes & Test packages are being created for each of Alberta, BC, Manitoba, and Ontario. These Quizzes & Tests will only be available for purchase separately from the Teacher Resource packages, not as part of the TRs. Please note that no discounts are applicable to orders for the Quizzes & Tests, and they are non-returnable.


SMART Lesson Materials:

The Teacher's Guide in each set of Teacher Resources for Grades 1-8 is also supported by comprehensive SMART Lesson Materials. Downloads are available for $70.20 per copy.


Special Offer: Two New, Bigger Sample Packs

If you want to evaluate our Grade 1-8 teacher and student resources, you should know about our special offer: one of two new Sample Packs, each containing a new Program Overview book (featuring an introduction to the JUMP Math program, tables of contents for our grade 1-8 resources, correlation guides to either the Ontario or the WNCP curriculum, and sample lesson plans and blackline masters for grades 1-8), plus a copy of each of our 16 grade-specific Assessment & Practice Books (2009 edition), the two introductory Level B Confidence-Building Units (CBUs) and the Level D CBU, and the two Teacher Manuals for the CBUs, all for just $119.95.

To order either of these Sample Packs from our distributor, UTP, please cite ISBN 978-1-927457-74-0 for the Ontario-curriculum Sample Pack or ISBN 978-1-927457-88-7 for the WNCP-curriculum Sample Pack. No other discounts are applicable for a Sample Pack, it is non-returnable, and it is restricted to one order per customer.

Please note that the older Sample Pack (ISBN 978-1-897120-98-9) containing only the 16 student AP Books for $100 is no longer available.

Confidence Building Units

English Student Confidence Building Units in any combination:

Total Number of Copies

Challenge B* Discount

Challenge B* Pricing (per unit)

Challenge C Discount

Challenge C Pricing (per unit)

Challenge D Discount

Challenge D Pricing (per unit)


0% off


0% off


0% off



20% off


20% off


20% off



40% off


40% off


40% off


*Note: There are two Level B Confidence Building Units: Fractions Challenge B and Addition with Big Numbers Challenge B.

Teacher's Manuals for the Confidence Building Units:

  • Teacher's Manual for the two Level B Confidence Building Units (combined): $3.78 per copy.
  • Teacher's Manual for the Level C & D Confidence Building Units (combined): $6.48 per copy.

Please note that no discounts are applicable to orders for the CBU Teacher's Manuals, and they are non-returnable.

The English-language Confidence Building Units are also available for free download. French versions of Fractions Challenge D (Grades 5 & 6) and Sample Exercises and Tests for Fractions Challenge D are also available for free download.

NOTE: All discounts listed above apply to individual and school orders.