Quizzes and Tests for Grade 5 - Manitoba

These quizzes and tests accompany the New Canadian edition.

Click on the links below to get the quizzes, tests, and corresponding answer keys by part in PDF (including the table of contents), or by unit in Word format.

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Part 1

A full set of Book 5.1 sample unit quizzes, tests, and answer keys in PDF or Word.

Unit 1: Patterns and Algebra: Increasing and Decreasing Patterns (Q/T)

Unit 2: Number Sense: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers (Q/T)

Unit 3: Number Sense: Multiplying Whole Numbers (Q/T)

Unit 4: Number Sense: Dividing Whole Numbers (Q/T)

Unit 5: Measurement: Length and Time (Q/T)

Unit 6: Geometry: Angles and Polygons (Q/T)

Unit 7: Probability and Data Management: Graphs and Surveys (Q/T)


Part 2 (to come)

A full set of Book 5.2 sample unit quizzes, tests, and answer keys in PDF or Word.

Unit 8: Patterns and Algebra: Variables, Expressions, and Equations (Q/T)

Unit 9: Number Sense: Fractions (Q/T)

Unit 10: Number Sense: Decimals (Q/T)

Unit 11: Number Sense: Using Decimals (Q/T)

Unit 12: Geometry: Coordinates and Transformations (Q/T)

Unit 13: Geometry: 3-D Shapes (Q/T)

Unit 14: Measurement: Perimter, Area, Volume, and Mass (Q/T)

Unit 15: Probability and Data Management: Likelihood and Probability (Q/T)


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Updated July 23, 2019