REACH Community Fund

Thank you for your interest in our REACH Community Fund 2016-2017. Applications have closed.

About the REACH Community Fund

The REACH Community Fund supports organizations engaged in promoting school success for marginalized children and youth in grades 1-8 who are at-risk of not reaching their academic potential in math. This fund helps Canadian non-profit and charitable community organizations that deliver tutoring or mentoring, homework clubs, and schools that have a community volunteer program for tutoring outside of the classroom. REACH provides student workbooks, tutor guides, and tutor training at no cost to approved tutoring programs. It is made possible by the generous support of lead sponsor TD Bank Group and other donors.

REACH Community Fund Awardees

Through the fund, selected organizations will receive the student and tutor resources necessary to successfully implement JUMP Math. These include:

  • JUMP Essentials student books
  • Accompanying JUMP Essentials Tutor Guide
  • Free tutor training webinar

 Who Can Apply

  • Non-profit and charitable community organizations that deliver tutoring, mentoring, or homework clubs to marginalized children and youth in grades 1-8 throughout Canada; and
  • Schools that have a community volunteer program for tutoring outside of the classroom throughout Canada.

The lead donor for the REACH Community Fund is TD Bank, who has also offered to link qualifying organizations with TD Bank employees in your community who may wish to volunteer. Preference will be given to organizations that may have such volunteer opportunities. However, all qualifying organizations are invited to apply. Where applicable, JUMP Math will connect your organization with TD Bank’s volunteer coordinator.  The tutoring organization is solely responsible for background checks, recruiting, and managing volunteers in accordance with its policies. JUMP Math plays no part in background checks, recruiting, and managing volunteers.   

Application Process

  • Complete the online application form
  • Following approval, complete resource order form and book training
  • Resources will be dispatched upon completion of training

REACH Community Fund Impact

The program impacts the community by:

  • Raising math and overall academic achievement
  • Improving attitudes toward math and other areas of learning
  • Increasing academic confidence and student satisfaction with school
  • Improving the classroom environment and academic performance across the board by reducing rates at which at-risk students act out and / or check out
  • Raising expectations for marginalized students

The REACH Community Fund is supported by generous donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals. If you would like to support this innovative fund, please donate! Watch tutor, Andrew Uyeno, talk about his experience with the JUMP Math tutoring program.

Responsibilities of Community Partners

  • To ensure that up-to-date criminal background checks are complete for all staff
  • To work with JUMP Math to evaluate the effectiveness of using JUMP Math in your program
  • To provide feedback to JUMP Math on the usefulness of the resources
  • To provide testimonials from tutors and students about their experience of the JUMP Math program



Learn about the JUMP Math tutoring program and get sample resources here. For more information about the REACH Community Fund, please contact:

Mary Sadleir, VP of Outreach