Professional Development Webinars

JUMP Math regularly runs webinars led by one of our Outreach Managers. Webinars are delivered via the internet. Access information will be sent to all registrants by email prior to the webinar date.

Getting Ready for September 

As you prepare for September, let our Outreach and Teacher Support Team at JUMP Math lighten and brighten your load!  In our 1-hour webinars, we will highlight key structures and strategies that guide discovery and inspire confident engagement with math learning in a responsive classroom. Each webinar is only $25!

Getting Ready for Kindergarten Math

The JUMP Math “Getting Ready for Kindergarten Math” Unit is your introduction to our carefully designed “road map” for foundational math thinking and exploration.  Let us support your efforts to begin to co-construct math-friendly daily classroom rituals and active practice opportunities. This is where your journey along a clear pathway to interactive and joyful math learning starts!

Getting Ready for Grades 1-3

Inspire confidence, strengthen foundational math skills, and encourage engagement in your Primary classroom by beginning with carefully crafted, inclusive math practices.  Let JUMP Math help you explore the strategic skill development that builds new connections and deepens those connections incrementally.

 Getting Ready for Grades 4-6

Begin the year in your Junior classroom with engaging and interactive learning opportunities designed to strengthen the development of math skills and conceptual understanding.  Let JUMP Math help you improve student outcomes as you explore the frameworks that develop mathematically fluent problem solvers. 

 Getting Ready for Grades 7-8

In these critical “transition” years, it is vital to bolster confidence, strengthen computational fluency and mastery, and motivate independent mathematical decision making.  Let JUMP Math help you plan engaging, interactive math learning through guided exploration, varied practice, and immediate feedback.

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JUMP Math At A Glance (Free 45 Minute Webinar)

If you want to learn more about JUMP Math or have a question for us, join our JUMP Math At A Glance sessions! These free, 45-minute webinars introduce our philosophy and resources if you're looking for a bit more information before registering for full professional development. Sign up for an upcoming JUMP At A Glance webinar here.

Professional Development (Part 1 + Part 2)

JUMP Math is a method and philosophy aimed at eradicating math anxiety and enabling students to reach their full potential in mathematics. New work in cognition has shown that mathematical abilities can be developed in all students (even ones who have traditionally struggled at school) through rigorous instruction.

In this two-part webinar we will present a number of proven methods that teachers can use to engage their students in learning mathematics. By using continuous assessment, by breaking explanations into manageable steps, and by challenging students to discover ideas by incrementally raising the bar, teachers can keep their whole class moving along at roughly the same pace. You will:

  • Learn about the JUMP Math resources, its philosophy, and development
  • Become familiar with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Learn about JUMP Math teaching strategies
  • Discuss practical strategies to develop mental math fluency
  • Look at our confidence building unit for engaging reluctant learners
  • Learn about strategies to develop solid problem solving skills

This four-hour webinar costs $52.92 per participant. The fee includes Part 1 and Part 2, both of which must be completed in sequence. For your convenience, we run sessions regularly and each of Part 1 and Part 2 can be completed in a manageable two hours. You will receive an e-mail two days prior to the webinar containing detailed instructions on how to log in.

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