Professional Development in British Columbia

Professional Development in British Columbia is led by Liz Barrett and Rebekaah Stenner.

 1-Day Professional Development

     Upcoming Dates

JUMP Math’s Professional Development (PD) session is designed to give you the tools and skills to effectively implement the program in your classroom or school. In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn about the JUMP Math resources, its philosophy and development
  • Examine their own comfort levels with mathematics and mathematics teaching
  • Discuss the importance of teachers' mathematical knowledge
  • Develop Mental Math fluency and problem solving
  • Observe and critique a JUMP Math lesson
  • Become familiar with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Learn about anticipating ‘pitfalls’, task analysis and other JUMP Math teaching strategies
  • Discuss practical strategies
  • Have opportunities to share ideas and network with colleagues
  • Explore our SMART Lesson Materials

Books (one set per participant) are available at a discounted price and must be ordered at time of registration. No books will be sold at the workshop.

Note: 1-Day Professional Development is also available as a series of webinars.

       Friday February 24, 2017 - Vancouver, BC
       University of British Columbia
       Earth Sciences Building - Room 4176
       2207 Main Mall (Map)
       9:00 am - 3:00 pm Mountain Time
       $86.40 (plus GST)
       Sponsored by PIMS and Melania Alvarez

       Monday May 29, 2017 - Surrey, BC
       Surrey City Centre Library Room 405
       10350 University Drive (Map)
       9:30 am - 3:30 pm Mountain Time
       $86.40 (plus GST)





JUMP Math & ANIE Team Up

DAY 1: JUMP Math in the Classroom: Closing the Gap!

Day 1 shows you how to effectively make the most of JUMP Math's Teacher's Guides to raise levels of student engagement, boost confidence, close the gap between students and instill a deep understanding and love of math in your students.

DAY 2: Numeracy Skill Building and Problem Solving Strategies Used in JUMP Math

Day 2 is all about helping you develop a deeper understanding of JUMP Math techniques and to develop strong numeracy and problem-solving skills. We will guide you to explore topics related to systematic search, making models and diagrams, making simpler versions of a problem using patterns. Discover how easy it is to raise the bar using bonus questions and also how to put on a math fair at your school.

No upcoming dates are scheduled. 2-day workshops are usually held during the summer months.

During the 2013/14 and 2014/2015 school year, the Chilliwack School District ran a pilot in select grade 4 classrooms that used JUMP Math and ANIE (Assessment for Numeracy in Education) together to gauge their effectiveness. They found that used together, JUMP Math and ANIE provided a balanced and comprehensive classroom approach to math instruction. Teachers reported lower stress and higher efficacy in teaching math, which was reflected in dramatic improvements on Provincial Foundational Skills Assessment measures.

For more about how using JUMP Math and ANIE together can transform schools, please visit Canadian Teacher Magazine to learn how Muheim Elementary School was transformed from one of the lowest performing schools in BC to among the top 10.

Want Professional Development In Your Community?

For more information about upcoming PD opportunities in British Columbia, please contact Liz Barrett. If there is sufficient interest in your school district, arrangements can be made to have a JUMP Math Outreach Manager provide professional development for your group. Prices vary according to location and number of teachers.

Payment & Discounts

Full day in-person = $86.40
Half day in-person = $59.40

When you register for a workshop, you have the opportunity to order one printed, binder-ready version of a grade-specific Teacher Resource package at the discounted price of $73.50 + GST and/or one set of grade-specific student Assessment and Practice books at the discounted price of $14 + GST. This discount is only available up to one week before the workshop.

We recommend that you pay online when you register. However, if you do pay by cheque, please indicate which workshop you are attending and mail it to: JUMP Math, One Yonge Street, Suite 1014, Toronto, ON M5E 1E5. Please do not bring your cheque to the workshop.

If your school or district plans to adopt JUMP Math, we offer the following discounts:

  • 35% off Professional Development
  • 20% off Teacher Resources (including SMART Lesson Materials)

Please click here for more information on School and District Discounts.

Outreach Managers in British Columbia

Liz Barrett
Liz landed in Toronto in 2003 from South Africa where she had been teaching for many years. Moving to a village in Whistler, British Columbia was how Liz came across a First Nations Community in Mount Currie that ended up shaping her life in Canada. It was at this school that she first introduced JUMP Math in BC and she volunteered in those early days to support John Mighton as he started the charity. Liz travels extensively across Canada and the USA with her love working with teachers and parents to support them in teaching math well. John’s book, The Myth of Ability resonated with Liz, as in her career she have seen first-hand the incredible power of praise, combined with developing children’s self confidence so that they become resilient learners unafraid of taking chances or making mistakes. Liz’s favourite number is 13! Contact Liz.

Rebekaah (Shaffer) Stenner
Rebekaah got her first glimpse of the beauty of mathematics when she was in Grade 12. It was the first time she realized that math could actually make sense - a realization that came because she had the support of a caring and very funny teacher. This was life-changing for her as in the years leading up to that she relied on memorization and barely scraping by. In university, she began teaching math at a learning centre where she discovered her love for teaching. She found that the students were quite receptive, likely because her own struggles in math provided her with a sense of empathy towards her students. That experience launched her into a math degree and 12 years of teaching and tutoring high school math. Working in the public school system, Rebekaah encountered again and again students struggling the way she had - lacking the fundamentals, and thus the confidence to be successful in math. Rebekaah joined the JUMP team to support students, teachers, and schools using JUMP Math in British Columbia. Rebekaah likes 2 because it is the only even prime number, which has earned it the nickname "the oddest prime"! Contact Rebekaah.