Digital Lesson Slides

Save time and enhance results with JUMP Math Digital Lesson Slides.

Our Digital Lesson Slides amplify the power and convenience of the JUMP Math Teacher Resource (TR). Every TR lesson has a perfectly aligned digital lesson, complete with diagrams, sample problems, practice exercises, extensions, and bonus questions. Our Digital Lesson Slides integrate a range of interactive features, all while providing seamless fidelity to the JUMP Math program and philosophy.

Order our NEW Digital Lesson Slides, now available for use with SMART Notebook®,  Promethean ActivInspire®, and PowerPoint®.

NOTE: Samples of our Digital Lesson Slides are available free of charge from our samples page. These samples illustrate our pedagogical approach to key content areas by grade level.

Over 96% of regular users say they would recommend JUMP Math Digital Lesson Slides to other teachers:

Easy to Use

  • "[They are] extremely easy to use as well as a valuable learning experience for your students. The lessons follow a natural progression of learning and I love the extension activities."
  • "[They] allowed me to focus on planning how best to support my students, and gave me all the examples I needed to teach concepts."
  • “[They offer] lots of practice and it is easy to skip a slide if you feel your students have mastered the concept.”

Save Time

  • "big time saver and well worth the cost."
  • "The SMART lessons match the teacher guide and save you lots of time in preparation."
  • "[They are] easy to use and understand. It does not take long to modify materials for use in your own classroom and to suit individual needs."

Impact Learning

  • "SMART lesson materials … provide a terrific platform for presenting and reviewing material in a way that engages the students and is attractive to the students."
  • "Clearly and logically laid out, and provide scaffolding for those students who need the basics re-explained and who need more practice."
  • "Extremely user-friendly and an amazing tool to instruct students with.