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JUMP Math at the Manhattan Charter School

The Manhattan Charter School saw the biggest improvement in state math scores in New York City in 2014, the year it adopted JUMP Math for its fourth grade students. Journalist David Bornstein, who wrote a two-part series on JUMP Math for The New York Times, led an engaging panel discussion about what makes our “guided discovery” approach different, how teachers at the school feel it works, and why it matters for their low-income students.


Panelists included:

  • Jason Zimba, Founding Partner, Student Achievement Partners and a lead author of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics
  • Harriet Fayne, Dean, School of Education, Lehman College - CUNY
  • Melanie Greene, Teacher, Manhattan Charter School
  • John Mighton, Founder, JUMP Math


Watch the complete panel discussion.
Watch Jason Zimba’s excerpt of the panel.
Watch Harriet Fayne’s excerpt of the panel.
Watch Melanie Greene’s excerpt of the panel.

New York City-based journalists, donors, and supporters joined us for the panel and two demo lessons including Andrea Johnson, Head of US Financial Education at TD Bank, which is a longtime supporter of JUMP Math in both Canada and the U.S. 

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Grades 1-8 Expanded Teacher Resources

JUMP Math is pleased to announce that Expanded Common Core Edition of our Grade 1–8 Teacher Resources (TRs) are now available. The Expanded Grade 1–8 CC TRs include everything that was previously in our Grade 1–8 CC TRs plus the following supplementary materials:
  • Problem-Solving Lessons (for Grades 3–8) that focus within 9 or 10 lessons per grade on a range of problem-solving strategies and include extensive problem banks for practicing each strategy
  • Performance Tasks (for Grades 3–8) that provide challenging opportunities within 3 or 4 performance tasks per grade for students to use problem-solving strategies to solve multi-part problems
  • Units in Context that briefly explain how each unit relates to other units and grade levels
  • Scoring Guides that help teachers evaluate students’ responses on unit quizzes and tests
  • Rubrics that help teachers assess students’ achievement of the Common Core State Standards through their performance on unit tests

Also, for a limited time only, print packages containing these Grade 1–8 supplementary materials are available for purchase separately, for customers who have previously bought our Grade 1–8 CC TRs.

The Expanded CC TRs and supplementary materials can be ordered now from the University of Toronto Press, using our updated order form. For more information about our US Common Core Edition, click here.