About JUMP Math

JUMP Math is a charitable organization working to create a numerate society.

JUMP Math is a numeracy program. JUMP Math is dedicated to enhancing the potential in children by encouraging an understanding and a love of math in students and educators. JUMP Math replaces the self-fulfilling myth that some people are born with mathematical ability while others do not have the ability to succeed with assumptions that all children can be led to think mathematically.

We offer educators, tutors and parents complete and balanced materials as well as training to help them reach all students.

JUMP Math draws on the latest cognitive science research to build upon the best aspects of math programs from around the world to provide a unique combination of depth, careful scaffolding, continuous assessment and a variety of innovative instructional approaches.

The JUMP Math numeracy program was started in 1998 by mathematician and playwright, Dr. John Mighton, an Adjunct Professor in Mathematics at the University of Toronto, Order of Canada, an Ashoka International Fellow, winner of two Governor-General's Awards for Drama and the prestigious Siminovitch prize.

JUMP Math became a registered charity in 2002.

During 2017-2018, JUMP Math was used by over 210,000 students, primarily in Canada, the United States and Spain.

Social Return on Investment

Washington DC-based Success Markets Inc. (SMI) analysed JUMP Math as part of a large study of social return on investment (SROI).  SMI’s best estimate was that JUMP Math generates $10.80 of Social Returns per dollar invested, with the benefits evenly split between the individual students and society as a whole. SMI concluded that “many JUMP students have strong probabilities of having substantially better lives due, in part, to JUMP programming”.

Registered Charity

We are a federally registered charitable organization based in Toronto, Canada.  JUMP Math's Canadian Registration Number is 864326814 RR0001.

Financial Statements

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