Professional Development

JUMP Math Professional Development Events

JUMP Math’s highly-experienced team of Outreach Managers provides quality Professional Development events across Canada and the U.S.A., and via webinars throughout the year.  JUMP Math’s Professional Development (PD) offerings (in-person, or online webinars) are designed to support the implementation of classroom resources, and engage all K-8 educators.  Our Outreach team works closely with teachers, administrators and senior leadership to communicate and demonstrate JUMP Math's instructional approach, introduce teaching strategies, inform best practices and help create successful learning communities. We have something for everyone!

Many of our events are open to all attendees, please use the links below to find an ‘open’ event or look at our calendar.                                                                                                             

‘Open’ Professional Development Events

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Our ‘open’ PD events -  webinars, workshops, and conferences - vary in scope and depth, from a quick glance at JUMP Math’s philosophy and resources, through to exploration of the latest ‘Math Minds’ research from the University of Calgary and how it can positively impact on day-to-day teaching and learning.

Our ‘Introduction to JUMP Math’ webinars and in-person workshops run from the spring, through the summer and into the new school year aimed at educators eager to learn more about the practical implementation JUMP Math resources in the classroom, and how the content of our resources has been developed in line with the latest ‘Math Minds’ research from the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary.

In the summer when there is a time for reflection on the previous school year and planning for the next one, we offer two broad categories of event.

  • Summer Workshops.  We support the ongoing development of pedagogical techniques, classroom toolkits, and math confidence through in-person workshops and webinar series.  We have 2-day in-person events that dig deeply into JUMP Math resources, the supporting research, and the ‘Math Minds’ project ‘RaPID’ model of teaching.  We recently developed a new Kindergarten Webinar series to give practical strategies and tips for integrating mathematics into the Kindergarten classroom.
  • Getting Ready for . . . Webinars. The Grade focussed ‘Getting Ready for . . . ‘ summer webinar events support preparation for the unique challenges presented by students of different age groups - Kindergarten, Grade 1-3, Grade 4-6, and Grade 7-8.

‘Closed’ Professional Development Events

Our Outreach Managers also provide customized, individualized, professional development and teacher support - mostly within schools and school boards, but also at conferences and conventions.  To discuss PD options, pricing, and scheduling, please contact your Outreach Manager.  If you do not know your OM, please email or phone 416 596 7716 x 228.


Professional development certificates are available to participants upon request.  Please email