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JUMP Math is a non-profit that empowers teachers to multiply the potential in every classroom through research-informed, curriculum-aligned resources and approaches that ignite and nurture an enduring understanding and appreciation of math in every student.

COVID-19 & Distance Learning

Educators, parents and students are facing a challenging situation during this pandemic. We are fully committed to providing support, resources, and services to help students continue along their educational paths. Visit our Special Resource Hub for resources to support teaching and learning for the 2020-2021 school year.

What's New

IBM + JUMP Math = Multiplying Potential

We were thrilled to have been chosen as IBM Canada's first Canadian Service Corps project back in February and we are equally thrilled to be back with them to work on the completion of our new website.  Thanks to Jennifer Roynon for being our champion and to all the IBMers that have and are working with us on this exciting project. This video is a highlight reel of our work together pre-COVID. Thank you IBM Service Corps! 

JUMP Math is a Top Impact Charity

JUMP Math has been recognized by Charity Intelligence Canada in two categories: ‘Top 10 Impact Charity’ and ‘Top 10 Youth Impact Charity’. We are...

JUMP Math Welcomes Ken Aucoin as CEO

JUMP Math is pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Aucoin, as Chief Executive Officer.  Ken is an accomplished leader in the charitable sector and has held leadership roles with local, national and global charitable organizations. Read more here.

John Mighton shares tips for math at home on ‘The Current’ on CBC with Matt...

Listen as Dr. Mighton teaches a lesson to students, and shares how caregivers can help their children by having fun, building their confidence, and thinking about how to explain things simply if children are stuck with a concept.

“…A pleasure to read, even if you don’t yet consider yourself a math geek…...

Mathematics is a universal way to communicate, to solve problems, to see and understand beauty. It is also the language of the future. I apologize for whoever harmed mathematics for you. I’m sorry that person stole something so magical, so powerful from you.” Read Sasha Gollish’s review of ‘All Things Being Equal” here

Most people never get the chance to see how brilliant they can be...

Recognize this line from 'Good Will Hunting'? Read the back story, click here

John Mighton on CBC’s The Current

John Mighton was recently interviewed about his new book, All Things Being Equal, and JUMP Math by CBC’s Matt Galloway. Hear the interview here. Or read about it on the CBC site.

The right formula: Why math is the key to a more equitable society

JUMP Math founder John Mighton Globe & Mail op-ed 19/01/2020: To read the article click here.

All Things Being Equal: Why Math is the Key to a Better World

Congratulations to our Founder, Dr. John Mighton, on the release of his book, ‘All Things Being Equal: Why Math is the Key to a Better World’... Read more