Professional Development Webinars

JUMP Math regularly runs webinars led by one of our Managers of Outreach and Teacher Support or an experienced JUMP Math teacher. Each trainer brings their experience with the program as well as specific areas of expertise. Webinars are delivered via the internet. Access information will be sent to all registrants by email prior to the webinar date.

JUMP Math At A Glance (45 Minute Information Session)

If you want to learn more about JUMP Math or have a question for us, join our JUMP Math At A Glance sessions! These free, 45-minute webinars introduce our philosophy and program components if you're looking for a bit more information before registering for full professional development. 

To find out more information about our webinars or to schedule one, please contact Ceil Daniels.


How to Reach and Teach Every Child (Introduction) - US Common Core Edition

Focus Audience: U.S. Teachers of Grades 1–8, Learning Assistance Specialists, and EAs with little or no experience with JUMP Math.

JUMP Math is a method and philosophy aimed at eradicating math anxiety and enabling students to reach their full potential in mathematics. New work in cognition has shown that mathematical abilities can be developed in all students (even ones who have traditionally struggled at school) through rigorous instruction.

In this two-part webinar we will present a number of proven methods that teachers can use to engage their students in learning mathematics with a focus on teaching in the United States. By using continuous assessment, by breaking explanations into manageable steps, and by challenging students to discover ideas by incrementally raising the bar, teachers can keep their whole class moving along at roughly the same pace. You will:

  • Learn about the JUMP Math program and how it aligns to the US Common Core Standards, its philosophy and development
  • Become familiar with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Learn about JUMP Math teaching strategies
  • Discuss practical strategies to develop mental math fluency
  • Look at our confidence building unit for engaging reluctant learners
  • Learn about strategies to develop solid problem solving skills
  • Gain an understanding of pacing under the new Common Core Curriculum Standards

This four-hour webinar costs $52.92 per participant. The fee includes Part 1 and Part 2  which must be completed in sequence. For your convenience, we run sessions regularly, and each of Part 1 and Part 2 can be completed in a manageable two hours. You will receive an e-mail two days prior to the webinar containing detailed instructions on how to log in.

To find out more information about our webinars or to schedule one, please contact Ceil Daniels.