JUMP Math and Arizona Science Center Join Forces to Improve Math Outcomes!

JUMP Math and Arizona Science Center are very pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding to: work together to encourage the use of JUMP Math’s K–8 core curriculum in Arizona schools; and provide high-quality professional development to help teachers nurture the full potential of their students in mathematics. The Science Center’s highly qualified staff of certified teachers will offer evidence-based teacher professional development at its home facility and throughout the state.

Over time, the Science Center will also identify points of alignment between the JUMP Math curriculum and state Science Standards and our organizations will work together to develop STEM extension lessons that integrate math and science in engaging, hands-on learning.

Dr. Rob Robertson, Vice President of Professional Learning and Development at Arizona Science Center, states that “The Science Center has been looking for quite some time for a math curriculum that aligns with our mission and goals and I am thrilled to say that we have finally found it with JUMP Math! We believe that the JUMP Math program makes math instruction more effective and enjoyable for students and teachers alike, and will help our students develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime.”

JUMP Math founder Dr. John Mighton states that “from my first meeting with the leaders at Arizona Science Center, it was clear that our organizations share a passion for helping all students and teachers realize their full potential.” JUMP CEO Scott McMeekin echoes Mighton’s enthusiasm: “Arizona Science Center is a leading institution of learning for students, teachers and families, with an established track record for delivering high-quality professional development for education professionals. We know that its first class team will do a wonderful job of supporting JUMP Math teachers in Arizona!”

Workshop Offerings

JUMP Math Professional Development (PD) is designed to give you the tools and skills required to effectively implement the program in your classroom or school.  These are one-day sessions in which participants will:

  • Learn about the JUMP Math program, how and why it works, and the research evidence that supports it
  • Observe and critique a JUMP Math lesson
  • Become familiar with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Learn how to get ready to teach a JUMP Math lesson using JUMP Math teaching strategies such as scaffolding and continuous assessment
  • Discuss practical strategies that increase students’ mathematical fluency
  • Examine how JUMP Math increases students’ and teachers’ confidence in their ability to understand math at a deep conceptual level and the impact this has on learning
  • Examine how JUMP Math lessons are designed to engage students with a wide range of prior knowledge, decrease distractions and off task behavior, and encourage critical thinking
  • Have opportunities to share ideas and network with colleagues

The Arizona Science Center (ASC) is the provider of in-person professional development (PD) for teachers in Arizona.  Its highly qualified staff of certified teachers will offer evidence-based teacher PD at its home facility and throughout the state to help teachers nurture their students’ full potential in mathematics.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Rob Robertson, VP of Professional Learning and Development, Arizona Science Center
Telephone: 602.716.2019