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October 2014:, "Learning math using JUMP’s building blocks," Amanda L. Shore

September 19, 2014: CBC News | New Brunswick, "3 First Nations hope new math program will lead to 'jump' in scores"

September 19, 2014: The Canadian Homeschooler, "JUMP Math," LisaMarie

September 8, 2014: Globe and Mail, "Too Much Math Education is Based on Pet Theories," Anna Stokke

September 3, 2014: Guelph Mercury, "Wake-up Call Needed on Math Skills" Editorial

August 18, 2014: Puzzl_ED, "More Math Teaching Thoughts: John Mighton of JUMP," Mike Goldstein, blog

August 4, 2014: Puzzl_ED, "Math Teaching #1 of 6," Mike Goldstein, blog

June 20, 2014: Herald News, "Nova Scotia School System Suffering from Mathophobia," Frances Willick

June 11, 2014: Globe and Mail, "Professors Debate the Best Way to Teach Math," Moira MacDonald

June 9, 2014: CJON AM680, Winnipeg, MB, The Charles Adler Show, Underestimating Our Potential, Charles Adler

June 6, 2014: CKNW AM980, Vancouver, BC, The Bill Good Show, Interview with John Mighton, Bill Good

June 4, 2014: Globe and Mail, "Top-performing Students? That is What Every Child Can Be," John Mighton

June 2014: Professionally Speaking, "Pop Quiz with John Mighton," Laura Bickle (Page 16)

Spring, 2014: TD Private Giving Foundation newsletter, "An Infinite Capacity for Math," Jo-Anne Ryan

April 15, 2014: TVO Parents, "Top 7 Tips To Help Your Child With Math," John Mighton

April 2, 2014: The Guardian, "Canada Draws on UK Experience to Scale up Social Investment," Katie Hill

March 18, 2014: CSRwire, "Filling the Gap in Ontario: Social Enterprises Emerge as Critical Partners for Government," Dr. Eric Hoskins

February 19, 2014: National Post, "EQAO Math Scores Dropping Between Grades 3 and 6 for Significant Number of Ontario Students: Study," Moira MacDonald

February 2014: Notices of the AMS (American Mathematical Society), "JUMP Math: Multiplying Potential," John Mighton

January 28, 2014, "Midlands Schools Jump Ahead With New Approach to Learning Maths," Atlantic Corridor

January 26, 2014: BCCPAC, blog, "U.S. funds study of innovative JUMP math program," Janet Steffenhagen

January 17, 2014: The Globe and Mail, "U.S. to Fund Study of Ontario Math Curriculum," Caroline Alphonso

January 16, 2014: TVO, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, "Math Matters," John Mighton, guest

January 16, 2014: The Inside Agenda Blog, "Teachers and Declining Math Scores," Meredith Martin

January 15, 2014: CTV News, "Calls to Change Math Curriculum," John Mighton, guest

January 10, 2014: The Globe and Mail, "Math wars: The division over how to improve test scores," Kathryn Blaze Carlson


December 19, 2013: Winnipeg Free Press, "Get the 'fuzzy' out of Manitoba math," Robert Craigen

December 10, 2013: New York Times, "Math and Science for More Than Just Geeks: Think Like a Child," John Mighton

December 9, 2013: Toronto Star, "Canada Needs a Revolution in Math Education," John Mighton

December 7, 2013: Toronto Star, "Teach Ontario kids the joy of math," Editorial

December 5, 2013: The Globe and Mail, "Why does ‘fuzzy math’ persist? It’s a bonanza for consultants, publishers," Robert Craigen

November 12, 2013: LDAWE, blog "When the Math Doesn't Add Up: Math Anxiety and Learning Disabilities," Mary-Ann Fuduric

November 8, 2013: Canadian Teacher Magazine, "JUMP Math and the Turnaround at Muheim Memorial Elementary School," Kevin Bird

October 28, 2013: The Globe and Mail, "Kids Can't Teach Themselves," John Mighton

October 28, 2013:, "Poor math skills contribute to Canadian debt problems," Daniel Workman

October 27, 2013: SEEChange Magazine, "It's a Win! Social EnterPrizing at SEWF," Elisa Birnbaum

October 12, 2013: Toronto Star, "First Step in Learning Math is Getting Over the Anxiety," Andrea Gordon

September 20, 2013: CBC Radio, The Sunday Edition, Interview with John Mighton, Michael Enright (Starts at 1:09:31 of the podcast)

September 10, 2013, Sunnylands summit: Connected Learning in the Digital Age, "Digital Learning Content: Evaluating What Works,"John Mighton (Starts at 55:20 minutes)

September, 2013: Professionally Speaking, "Crunching Numbers," Trish Snyder

August 23, 2013, Homeschool Conference, "The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every Child," John Mighton

August 15, 2013: Co-op Radio, It Takes a Village, Interview with John Mighton (Starts at 6:20 minute of the podcast)

August 15, 2013: Scientific American, blog "The Making of a Mathematical Mind: 1 Step at a Time," Ingrid Wickelgren

August 15, 2013: Scientific American, blog "How to Teach Long Division through Guided Discovery," John Mighton

August 8, 2013: Scientific American Mind, Podcast "Kids JUMP for Math," Ingrid Wickelgren and John Mighton

August 8, 2013: Scientific American Mind, "New Techniques Make Math Fun for All," John Mighton

June 27, 2013: CBC Radio, Metro Morning"Fear of Math", interview with John Mighton and Racquel Carlow

April 10, 2013: The Guardian, "Lessons from Ontario: how government can help social enterprise," Helen Burstyn

2012 & Earlier

December, 2012: Canadian Mathematical Society Notes, "A Little about JUMP,"  Stephen Kudla

December 22, 2012: Globe and Mail, "Please give: Here’s where, and why," Margaret Wente

December 12, 2012: The New York Times, "Moving Forward in Tough Times," David Bornstein

November 21, 2012: Terrace Standard, "In Terrace classrooms there's a new way to teach math," Anna Killen

October 18, 2012:, "Is mathematical ability just something you’re born with?" Pamela Fitzgerald

October 3, 2012: Toronto Sun, "JUMP gets a LIFT" Moira MacDonald

September 27, 2012: JUMP Math Press Release, "Canadian Students Receive Enhanced Math Lessons Through New National Partnership"

June 14, 2012: Vancouver Sun, "Report Card," Janet Steffenhagen (Final Article)

June 7, 2012: Make Magazine, "Fascination with How Kids Learn Math," John Mighton

May 23, 2012: Governor General of Canada, John Mighton Invested into the Order of Canada

May 14, 2012: Outspoken Blog, "John Mighton and Carol Dweck offer insights into academic achievement," Rosemary Evans

April 30, 2012: Globe and Mail, "Using competition to fuel social innovations," Farah Mohamed

March 21, 2012: RTÉ News, "Meet Change Nation's innovators"

February 16, 2012: CBC Radio, Calgary Eyeopener, "Interview with John Mighton," Angela Knight  (Starts at minute 15 of the podcast)

February 1, 2012: Toronto Teacher, page 3, "JUMP Math and the End of Ignorance," David Banerjee

January 23, 2012: Dana Foundation Blog, "Learning About Learning", Nicky Penttila

2012: Who Cares, directed by Mara Mourao, including John Mighton, Social Entrepreneur (Trailer | Website)

December 28, 2011: Americas Business Council, John Mighton - JUMP Math

December 17, 2011: EducationDiva, "Math Education Isn't Adding Up," blog

December 15, 2011: The New York Times, "News Flash: Progress Happens," David Bornstein

November 30, 2011: CBC Radio, "Jump Math - One Way to Better Math Skills", Interview with John Mighton and Elisha Bonnis

November 23, 2011: Looking for Waldo, "JUMPing," blog

October 26, 2011: Rogers TV, Parents Talk, Lianne Castelino talks to John Mighton, Mary Jane Moreau and a mom and daughter who use JUMP Math

September 13, 2011: Vancouver Sun, "Getting a jump on math," Janet Steffenhagen

August 26, 2011: TVO, "The Debate: World of Numbers," John Mighton, guest

July 24, 2011, Math & Arts Conference, "The Importance of Teaching Math to Children and JUMP Math,"  John Mighton

June 24, 2011, Math 2.0, Interview of John Mighton by Maria Droujkova

July 4, 2011: Hamilton Spectator, "A Sense of Wonder," Gary Smith

June 7, 2011: Il Post, "La matematica per tutti (Translation: Mathematics for All)"

June 4, 2011: Toronto Sun, "Getting a big JUMP on math class," Moira Macdonald

May 2011: DegreeDirectory, "JUMP Math: Dr. John Mighton Makes Math Accessible for All"

May 20, 2011: WhereParentsTalk, "Strength in Numbers," Lianne Castelino

May 16, 2011: Gweipo, "by god I think he's got it ..."

April 27, 2011: Yonge Street, "Toronto education innovators JUMP math draw notice for making math easy"

April 22, 2011: Scientific Clearing House, "Jump Math," Carson Chow

April 22, 2011: Norton News, "Better than Singapore Math?" Oak Norton

April 21, 2011: The New York Times, "When Math Makes Sense (To Everyone)" David Bornstein

April 20, 2011: Sophisticated Students, "Use “JUMP Math” To Improve Math Performance," Tom Bosché

April 18, 2011: The New York Times, "A Better Way to Teach Math," David Bornstein

April 1, 2011: SEE Change, "Four of Canada’s best social entrepreneurs take their ideas Global," Renee Manuel

January 16, 2011:, "Talent is made, not born: Is innate intelligence highly over-rated in our society?" Aine Moorad

January 4, 2011: Al Etmanski blog, "Becoming Visible in 2011 - Rising to our Children's Potential," John Mighton

October 13, 2010: Al Etmanski blog, "What do you get when you cross Will Hunting with Wittgenstein?" Al Etmanski

June 30, 2010: The Governor General of Canada, John Mighton appointed to the Order of Canada

May 26, 2010: Worldchanging, "John Mighton and JUMP Math: Turning Math Class into a Tool for Social Justice," David Bornstein

March 12, 2010: The New York Times, The Learning Network, "Does the ‘Gifted’ Label Get In the Way of Developing Real Potential?" Katherine Schulten / David Shenk

March 3, 2010: The Varsity, "Crunching Numbers", Alex Ross

January 24, 2010: TVO, Your Voice, "Discovering Dyscalculia: The Math Learning Disability," John Mighton, guest

January 15, 2010: The Globe and Mail, "Program could help kids get jump-start in math," Anne McIlroy

October 24 2009: Huffington Post, "Math Is Not Hard: A Simple Method That Is Changing The World," Julia Moulden

February 2009: Today's Parent, "Fear of Math," Dafna Izenberg

November 8, 2008: The Globe and Mail, "Any Kid can Learn Math," Margaret Wente

Autumn 2008: U of T Magazine, "Fear of Numbers: Why do so many kids struggle with math?"

July/August 2008: The Costco Connection, VOl.21, No.4, article reviewing the JUMP at Home workbooks

2008: Education Canada Volume 48(3), "Using Math as a Springboard to Success," John Mighton

December 7, 2007: TVO, Allan Gregg in Conversation with John Mighton

Fall 2007: Education Forum, article reviewing Dr. John Mighton's book The End of Ignorance

Fall 2007, FASD, Provincial Outreach Program, "JUMP MATH in Action," Lavana Heel

August 9, 2007: Now Magazine, review of The End of Ignorance

June 28, 2007: The Hour Ottawa, interview with Dr. John Mighton discussing The End of Ignorance and JUMP Math

June 16, 2007: The Globe and Mail, review by Keith Oatley of The End of Ignorance

June 10, 2007: The Montreal Gazette, article on Dr. John Mighton and JUMP Math

June 2007: Toronto Life, "Critical Math," Alec Scott

May 31, 2007: The Victoria Times Colonist, article on Dr. John Mighton and JUMP Math

May 28, 2007: The Ottawa Citizen, article on Dr. John Mighton and JUMP Math

May 23, 2007: The Toronto Star, "Do The Math," Vit Wagner

May 8, 2007: The Fredericton Daily Gleaner, interview with Dr. John Mighton about JUMP Math and education

May 5, 2007: The Globe and Mail, article on Dr. John Mighton's writings on brain plasticity from his book The End of Ignorance

March, 2007: Now, "I resolve to ... share my knowledge," Elke Town

January 4, 2007: Professionally Speaking, "Discovering Math Prodigies," John Mighton

March 2006: Flare, "Flare Volunteer Spotlight: Kate's Story," Martina Stritesky

2006: JUMP Math is featured in Allan King's highly-acclaimed documentary Empz 4 Life

November 2005: The Walrus, "Do The Math: Why 'Rithmetic Shouldn't Make You Cringe," Siobhan Roberts

Fall 2005: ETFO Voice (Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario), "JUMP: John Mighton's Math Program," Charles Wyszkowski

October 25 2005: Siminovitch Prize, "Acceptance speech for the 2005 Siminovitch Prize in theatre," John Mighton

September 2005: Canadian Family, "Math Revolution: Why John Mighton Wants to Change the Way Our Kids Learn About Numbers," Tim Johnson

September 2005: Village Post (Toronto), "Divide and Conquer," Nadeem Basaria

July 2005: The Sunday Times (Australia),  "Adds Up to Hope," Claire Ramplin

July 2005: Time (Canadian Edition), "Where Math Equals Fun," Juliet O'Neill

May 2005: Canadian Living, "A Mighty Math Program," uncredited

February 2005: Sarnia Observer, "JUMP Program Aims to Boost Math Skills," Armina Ligaya, Osprey News Network

March 14, 2004: CBC Radio, The Sunday Edition, Interview with John Mighton

September 22, 2003: Maclean's magazine, "ABCs of Classroom Fun," Sue Ferguson

June 2003: Book TV, Interview with John Mighton (21 MB - View with Quicktime. Download for free at Quicktime Download)

March 2001: Owl Canadian Family magazine, "Fighting Defeatism: Misguided Math Attitudes," Andrew Nikiforuk

1997: Goodwill Hunting, John Mighton, played Tom - Lambeau's Teaching Assistant


SiG, "JUMP Math"

Charity Intelligence, "JUMP Math"

MaRS, "Best Practices in Social Innovation: JUMP Math"

Cities of Migration, "Jumping Ahead with Math!"

Ashoka, "John Mighton"