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Canadian Students Receive Enhanced Math Lessons Through New National Partnership

LIFT Philanthropy Partners makes three-year venture philanthropy investment in JUMP Math

LIFT Philanthropy Partners is pleased to announce a new venture philanthropy investment to support JUMP Math to teach essential math skills to more children across Canada.

Over the next three years, LIFT will invest close to $2 million in management, skills and expertise to help build JUMP Math’s capacity to expand its program delivery throughout Canada. LIFT’s venture philanthropy investment will help JUMP Math prepare for and manage its projected growth, and position the organization for long-term success.

“JUMP Math is an effective program, which teaches essential math skills to children across Canada,” said Bruce Dewar, chief executive officer, LIFT Philanthropy Partners. “The organization is poised for significant growth and our partnership will help more children across the country succeed at and enjoy math.”

JUMP Math is a national not-for-profit organization, founded in 2002 by mathematician and award-winning playwright, Dr. John Mighton. It offers curriculum-based programs, materials and training for teachers and parents to enhance math lessons for students in Grades 1-8, including French immersion students in Grades 1-6. JUMP Math breaks down mathematical concepts into a series of small steps, and leads students through a discovery, feedback and assessment process to ensure they master each step before layering on additional complexity. In a randomized controlled study, students taught using JUMP Math progressed at twice the rate of children in the control group.

“JUMP Math has proven success breaking down barriers that prevent math comprehension,” said Judy Rogers, chair, LIFT Philanthropy Partners. “The LIFT team looks forward to helping expand the program to reach more students across Canada.”

JUMP Math began as a tutoring program in 2002 and was later adapted for classroom use when Dr. Mighton discovered its principles can be used even more effectively in group settings. Since then, JUMP Math’s outreach has grown steadily. This year, JUMP Math will reach more than 100,000 Canadian students in their classrooms and, with assistance from LIFT, JUMP Math will further accelerate its growth in the years to come.

“Our partnership with LIFT Philanthropy Partners will help us develop the systems, skills and resources we need to effectively manage our growth and reach more students, teachers, families and communities across Canada,” explained Scott McMeekin, chief executive officer, JUMP Math. “This three-year investment from LIFT and its partner network will help us to attract additional partners and maximize the impact of their contributions to JUMP Math, amplifying our capacity to encourage an understanding and love of math in both students and educators.”

LIFT selects not-for-profit organizations, such as JUMP Math, which have a direct and positive effect in the areas of literacy, skills development, sport and physical activity. LIFT then uses a venture philanthropy approach where it provides a combination of skills, expertise and resources to make not-for-profit organizations sustainable and more effective at delivering social impact. LIFT also engages a partner network of leading businesses, service providers and other professionals that supports its work with pro bono expertise and services for the not-for-profit organizations. LIFT is the first organization in Canada dedicated to using venture philanthropy to improve the effectiveness of not-for-profit organizations, so they can positively influence the health and productivity of Canadians and their communities.

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