Professional Development

Our professional development (PD) sessions are designed to show you how to use the JUMP Math curriculum and our proven teaching strategies to reach and engage all students.

How to Reach and Teach Every Child (Introduction)

Focus Audience: Teachers of Grades 1–8, Learning Assistance Specialists, and EAs with little or no experience with JUMP Math.

Get introduced to the JUMP Math approach and gain the tools and skills to implement the program effectively in your classroom or school. In this workshop you will gain:

  • A foundation in the JUMP Math approach to teaching mathematics in 1st to 8th grade classrooms
  • Knowledge of the emerging evidence on the effectiveness of JUMP Math
  • An understanding of how JUMP Math aligns with the US Common Core State Standards
  • Strategies to develop mental math fluency
  • Differentiation techniques that support classroom community and avoid classroom hierarchies
  • Techniques for teaching problem-solving skills
  • Assessment strategies that keep students engaged and learning in their comfort zone
  • Familiarity with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Opportunities to share ideas and network with colleagues

Meet the Outreach Team!

Frances Agro, Manager of Outreach & Teacher Support - Ontario and Eastern Canada
Frances used to love math until her “math-smarts” disappeared in Grade 11. Following university Frances worked with Young Offenders and individuals with Developmental Disabilities while volunteering as an adult literacy tutor and life-skills coach for incarcerated women. After twelve years of this work Frances certified as a teacher and began working in the Hamilton Public School Board. Frances discovered JUMP Math while teaching in multi-level classrooms at Colin Macdonald Community School, an alternative school for gifted and learning-disabled students. During this time, Frances earned her specialists in Reading and Special Education but it was her pre-teaching experience that taught her the importance of varied practice and of introducing skills in small, scaffolded steps. She brought this experience to her Learning Services role at Hillfield Strathallan College. After seven years of growing her own skills and confidence as a math teacher, Frances joined JUMP Math as a Manager of Outreach and Teacher Support for Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Liz Barrett, Manager of Outreach & Teacher Support - British Columbia and First Nations
Liz landed in Toronto in 2003 from South Africa where she had been teaching for many years. Moving to a village in Whistler, British Columbia was how Liz came across a First Nations Community in Mount Currie that ended up shaping her life in Canada. It was at this school that she first introduced JUMP Math in BC and she volunteered in those early days to support John Mighton as he started the charity. Liz travels extensively across Canada and the USA with her love working with teachers and parents to support them in teaching math well. John’s book, The Myth of Ability resonated with Liz, as in her career she have seen first-hand the incredible power of praise, combined with developing children’s self confidence so that they become resilient learners unafraid of taking chances or making mistakes. Liz’s favourite number is 13!

Annie Chern, Communications & Teacher Support Specialist

Annie fell in love with teaching when she was ten years old and made it her life goal to teach. During her Masters of Child Study & Education at the University of Toronto, she came across JUMP Math and witnessed just how well it worked with the students. When a classmate mentioned that the charity was hiring teachers to develop their interactive lessons, she took the opportunity on the spot! She continued to live and breathe school life for a few years in various private, independent, and public schools, developing for JUMP Math on the side. Now, as full-time Communications & Teacher Support Specialist, Annie supports teachers, principals, and parents in using the JUMP Math program, and builds community with the latest research and news in education.  Annie only likes even numbers, but especially numbers that have factors that are even too, like 8. “Even though 50 is even, I don’t like it quite as much because one of its factors is 5.”

Benn Goddard, Manager of Outreach & Teacher Support - Alberta

In 2013, Benn and his family moved to Calgary from London (England, not Ontario). He has 11 years of teaching experience that began in a private international school and took him to a management position at a large school in North East London. Upon arriving in Canada, Benn accepted a dual role with JUMP Math and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. He loves this position as it gives him the chance to work with teachers across Alberta while supporting some of the most disadvantaged youth in Calgary. Benn also trains and supports any non-profit tutors using the JUMP Math program. Benn firmly believes that we all have the potential to learn any subject if it is carefully taught and we are allowed quality practice. He strives to ensure that pupils achieve their full potential and develop a love of learning. Benn loves to show that there is math in anything (particularly sport) and his lucky number is 29!

Christina Laughbon, Manager of Outreach & Teacher Support - Washington State

Teaching is in Christina's DNA. Her father and mother were teachers, as well as son Zane and now both daughter-laws. When she resigned as a 5th grade classroom teacher after 25 years in June 2016, she felt incredibility blessed to be offered a position with JUMP Math as an Outreach Manager. For the past five years, she experienced first hand how the math curriculum ignited a passionate flame in her students towards seeing the world through math. Some under-achieving students stayed in at recess to work on JUMP Math problems. One of the first goals she has at her new position is to work with teachers around Washington State to develop math support that is meaningful and relevant to all users and future users of JUMP Math. When she is not focused on creating and giving presentations, Christina enjoys international travel (2016: South Africa, 2015-16 Europe), hiking steep mountain ranges, long bike rides, watching PBS food shows, tennis/pickleball and walking her three dogs daily: Sadie (15), Maya (10) and Barkley (2).

Charlene MacKenzie, Manager of Outreach and Teacher Support - Alberta
Charlene enjoyed math in high school only due to a good “memory”. But biology was her calling. It was in post-secondary bio that she “hit the math wall”, though, faced with calculus and certain chemistries. She made it through, yet her bio-based plans got sidetracked after drifting from the Maritimes to Calgary in the 90s; the only teaching positions were in high school math. Thus her extensive teaching career began, in grades 1-12 classrooms and an alternative educational setting for many years. Along the way, and often through kids’ eyes, Charlene found math’s elegance. In recent years, she loved supporting teachers and students in numeracy and literacy. It was in this role that she discovered JUMP Math and John Mighton’s writings, and she ‘jumped’ at the chance to see John speak and learn from the brilliant MJ. A scientist at heart, Charlene is deeply interested in how the brain learns. She is thrilled to bring JUMP to teachers and do all she can to oust that myth of “hitting the math wall”. Charlene adores the mountains’ year-round activities, but her soul belongs to the ocean and east coast music. Slainte. 

Elora Moreau, Manager of Outreach & Teacher Support - Alberta

Elora is passionate about JUMP Math because it gave her the confidence to teach mathematics as an elementary teacher. Her first experience with JUMP Math was during her time as an MA student in Child Study and Education. She was employed by JUMP Math to create the first SMART Board lessons. This work led her to become fully immersed in the Teacher Resources and become aware of how each mathematical principle is decomposed into small steps for deep understanding. This kind of careful scaffolding was exactly aligned with the teaching pedagogy she was learning as a student-teacher. Elora was never confident in her own math ability but using JUMP Math during her subsequent four years as a teacher made her love math and love teaching it! In her new role as Outreach Manager in Alberta, Elora is very excited to help bring JUMP Math to more students and teachers. She loves playing the dice game Thirty (a game supporting computational fluency) with students and even plays at home with her family!

Mary Jane Moreau, Manager of Outreach & Teacher Support - Alberta

Mary Jane had a lengthy career teaching primary and junior grades in public, separate, independent and private school settings. Along the way she became familiar with John Mighton’s writing and had opportunities to work with him, piloting JUMP Math lessons in her classrooms and volunteering for JUMP.  She soon saw that the materials, methodology and philosophy allowed her students to achieve outcomes that eclipsed those in all her previous years of teaching. As a teacher, MJ felt there was no higher calling than to have the privilege to be entrusted with young minds.  As she neared the end of her career, she was asked to leave teaching in Ontario to work full-time for JUMP Math in Alberta. She knew that it was an opportunity to help move the needle in math education for thousands of children.  Based in Calgary, MJ’s work takes her to fly-in northern communities, board offices of corporate funders, and to schools across Alberta, where she provides PD and support for teachers. Her favourite aspect of her work is going back to her teaching roots, visiting classrooms and witnessing exuberant children become highly competent and confident in mathematics. Watch Mary Jane on YouTube.

Mary Sadleir, Vice President of Outreach

Mary has spent the majority of her career in the educational publishing sector, travelling across Canada and working with K-12 teachers in subject areas ranging from math, science, literacy and social studies. As the VP of Outreach at JUMP, Mary’s passion and deep understanding of classroom resources and teachers allows her to help, encourage and support a wide variety of educators in best practices and sound methodology.  JUMP’s ability to help teachers and students become competent and confident in math is the mission-driven culture of this non-profit organization and it quickly piqued Mary’s interest.  Mary lives in Toronto but considers Halifax her second home where she lived from 1993-2000. Mary’s lucky number is 7 but she never wants to see that number on a score card when she is playing golf.  Mary is a keen sports woman and enjoys the arts & culture scene that is both rich and exciting in Toronto.

Rebekaah (Shaffer) Stenner, Manager of Outreach & Teacher Support - British Columbia

Rebekaah got her first glimpse of the beauty of mathematics when she was in Grade 12. It was the first time she realized that math could actually make sense - a realization that came because she had the support of a caring and very funny teacher. This was life-changing for her as in the years leading up to that she relied on memorization and barely scraping by. In university, she began teaching math at a learning centre where she discovered her love for teaching. She found that the students were quite receptive, likely because her own struggles in math provided her with a sense of empathy towards her students. That experience launched her into a math degree and 12 years of teaching and tutoring high school math. Working in the public school system, Rebekaah encountered again and again students struggling the way she had - lacking the fundamentals, and thus the confidence to be successful in math. Rebekaah joined the JUMP team to support students, teachers, and schools using JUMP Math in British Columbia. Rebekaah likes 2 because it is the only even prime number, which has earned it the nickname "the oddest prime"! 

Want a PD Session in Your Community?

If there is sufficient interest in your school district, arrangements can be made to have a JUMP Math facilitator deliver professional development to your group. Prices vary according to location and number of teachers. Please contact Noreen McLean, Office Manager, for more details.


JUMP Math PD sessions for are also available as a series of webinars.


Professional Development Certificates

Professional development certificates are available to participants upon request. Please contact Noreen McLean to make arrangements.