Special Resource Hub

Our Outreach Team has developed and collected a list of resources to support implementation and effective use of JUMP Math resources. If you need any support, please reach out to your Outreach Manager or contact Annie Chern.

We offer virtual, 90-minute Introduction to JUMP Math training webinars regularly and can also provide customized sessions. Visit our Professional Development Calendar.

Teacher Support Site
Our separate Teacher Support Site offers supplemental resources to teachers, such as homework pages for grades 1-8. Sign up for a free account at www.jumpmathteachers.org

Pacing Guides
Our Pacing Guides are sample schedules meant to guide instructional timing across a 36-week school year, incorporating ‘flexible’ periods and state testing preparation. These are intended to be used with JUMP Math Annotated Table of Contents to support teachers in prioritizing curriculum content. 

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Pacing Guides


ASSISTments – Now available!
Digital versions of our quizzes & tests for Grades 3-8 are available on ASSISTments. You can assign a JUMP Math quiz or test on the platform and see student scores and progress quickly and easily. Find JUMP Math assessments here and access ASSISTments' teacher support resources here.

We’ve also developed Benchmark Assessments for Grades 3-8, providing teachers with additional questions to assess key content and skills, and enable students to practice test-taking on the ASSISTments platform. If you have any questions, contact Annie Chern.


Distance Learning Guide
This Distance Learning Guide is a document for educators on how to implement JUMP Math teacher and student resources in a distance learning environment.  

Digital Lesson Slides for Distance Learning
Our Digital Lesson Slides amplify the power of live or pre-recorded lessons for distance learning.



For more information or to order, visit our page: Digital Lesson Slides.

Supporting Distance Learning at Home: Letter to Parents and Guardians