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JUMP Math is a unique charity dedicated to improving math education that relies heavily on donations to support the development and continuous enhancement of its curriculum materials. 


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JUMP Math is a federally registered charitable organization based in Canada; Canadian Registration Number is 864326814 RR0001.  Every dollar we raise goes towards nurturing mathematical ability and academic confidence in young people.

  • Over 170,000 students are using JUMP Math this year.
  • Numeracy is widely understood as a foundation of 21st century economic competitiveness. Despite this, many national, state and municipal governments experience faltering performance in mathematics. These performance gaps are evident in studies of the American educational landscape.
  • Numeracy skills in middle school grades have been shown to be strong predictors of eventual graduation from high school, itself a pre-requisite to employability. A study by Johns Hopkins University concluded that sixth graders who fail math have less than a 1 in 5 chance of making it to the 12th grade on time.
  • A randomized-controlled study in Canada found that students taught using JUMP Math progressed twice as fast as students taught using one of Canada’s two most widely used math programs
  • JUMP Math has been described as “A Better Way to Teach Math” in the New York Times

Donor Bill of Rights

All donors to JUMP Math have rights. To read our Donor Bill of Rights, click here.


Tax Receipts for US Donors

Because JUMP Math is a Canadian-registered charity, it cannot issue US tax receipts and can only issue Canadian tax receipts. However, donations in excess of $1,000 can be directed to JUMP Math through a US-registered charity for which a US tax receipt will be issued. Please contact Claudia DeSimone for details.

Financial Statements

For our Financial Statements and Annual Reports, click here.

More Information

If you want to discuss your support for JUMP Math, please contact:

Claudia DeSimone
VP of Development and Strategic Partnerships
(416) 596-7716 x 250 / Toll Free: +1 (888) 965-6284 x 250