"I think what John and his team have done is create materials which demonstrate all the principles of good instructional design. They have done a very careful job of sequencing; they have analyzed tasks, step-by-step, into manageable bite-sized pieces; they have scaffolded and suggested ways the teachers can support moving from one step to another; they emphasize and identify patterns and they use visual representations of math concepts. What you’ve done for teachers is created a way into pedagogical content knowledge. Again, I believe by having very well designed materials, teachers can understand the value of the scripts and scaffolds that they have been given and the practice materials with bonus and enrichment items are gold for a busy teacher." (Watch video clip.)

-- Dr. Harriet R. Fayne, Founding Dean of the School of Education at Lehman College, City University of New York


"We have had a very good experience - actually I want to say an excellent experience with JUMP Math. This is our third year of implementation. We were a pilot school the year that we ended up having the highest increase of math test scores in all of New York City. We continue to provide professional development to our teachers. Our children are excited about math, they have a can-do attitude, and there are children who have shown great success even on the state exams that otherwise were challenged and did not even try their very best." (Watch video clip.)

-- Genie DePolo, Principal & Chief Academic Officer at Manhattan Charter School, New York


"Growth mindset is the idea that kids can develop their ability - their math ability, in this case. And JUMP Math just demonstrates that so readily. The kids are moving at an exciting pace, it feels like it should be hard but it's not hard for them the way you're teaching it. They all have this feeling of progress and they get the feeling, 'I can be good at this, I can learn to be good at this.'" (Watch video clip.)

-- Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University



Students at the Discovery Charter School in Rochester, New York: JUMP Math Boosts Students' Confidence