USA - New US Editions

JUMP Math's Kindergarten to 8th grade New US Edition teacher and student resources are available now. 

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Schools and Teachers

JUMP Math Teacher Resources are designed to be used by teachers in a classroom setting. Our lesson plans are comprehensive, yet flexible enough to allow teachers to present questions and extensions that engage and challenge a diverse range of students. We will offer Digital Lesson Slides for each grade. Our Student Assessment and Practice (AP) Books provide additional opportunities for teachers to pinpoint areas that need additional attention and allow students to demonstrate their mastery of concepts.


About JUMP Math

JUMP Math is a registered non-profit that promotes numeracy based on the belief that all children can learn math, all teachers can teach math, and both can enjoy it. Our highly effective approach features meticulously crafted lesson plans that enable teachers to explain math concepts in a clear and engaging way.  A careful progression from basic concepts to challenging problems methodically builds student understanding, confidence, and love of math.  

Read about the extraordinary success teachers have experienced using JUMP Math in the New York Times article “A Better Way to Teach Math” and explore news reports about JUMP Math.

You can also read more about our philosophy, our founder Dr. John Mighton, O.C., and independent research about our curriculum.