Tips to help your child with math at home

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Helping your child with math can feel intimidating, especially if you don’t feel confident in your own math skills. But you don’t need to be a math expert–you and your child can learn together! JUMP Math makes it easier –and fun for both of you!

Confidence is key. Familiarize yourself first with the math concept you are going to tackle and ensure that you feel confident with it. You can best help your child build their math confidence and practice math concepts without anxiety when you are confident as well.

Check for understanding along the way. Make sure your child is successful with each exercise before they begin a new one. It’s important to catch and correct errors in thinking and in answers quickly, before errors are practiced and become ingrained, or affect confidence. Samples of our Grades 3-8 Student Assessment & Practice sheets and Answer Keys are located in the JUMP Math Member resource area on our website. Sign up as a Parent for free.

Keep pace with your child’s class. Supporting your child’s learning in school is a great way to help your child with math. Make sure your child is keeping up with the class work, but there’s no need to work ahead. If your child doesn’t understand the concepts that the class is working on, review activities on that concept or lesson and use the grade appropriate practice sheets we provide.

Stop when appropriate. If your child understands a concept after only a few exercises, assign a more difficult one, and move on. If they are having trouble, go back and review previous exercises and practice these with your child, or stop and wait until they get more help from their teacher.

Stay in touch with your child’s teacher. They are an amazing source of knowledge and support for your child’s growth in math.

Explore math in everyday life! Math is everywhere, and nothing instills the beauty and power of math more than students experiencing and seeing math in their everyday world through interaction and talking with friends and family. Find every-day ways for your child to experience math, such as with baking or shopping at the store for food or a small building project that involves measurements, etc.

Stay tuned for more JUMP Math blog posts featuring family math activities for you and your child to do together!